How to hit better off the tee

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Alice Piper

Posted November 30, 2021

Master your driver and play like a pro this summer.

Golf courses are in full swing in Victoria with players dusting off the clubs for rounds with family, friends and colleagues. 

And whether you’re new to golf, a seasoned casual, or an aspiring professional, an essential component to a well-rounded golf game is hitting well off the tee.

Golf Professional at RACV Healesville Country Club & Resort, Ben Eyton-Jones says to master your driver, you really need to focus on three key elements:

  • Soft grip: tight grips cause tension which affects the way you make contact with the ball
  • Wide stance: the power of the swing comes from the ground, so a wide stance gives you strength
  • Ball between the stance: keep the ball up in your stance and just inside your left heel

In the below video, Eyton-Jones goes into more detail about perfecting your tee shot and hitting further and straighter on our beautiful courses in TorquayCape SchanckGoldfieldsHealesville or Royal Pines.

Your short iron selection is also key to lowering your round score, so brush up on this aspect of your game too.

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