The best dog-friendly pubs, cafés, and restaurants in Melbourne

A Golden Retriever sitting happily in a beer garden while a man drinks a pint of beer at a wooden table behind him

Nicola Dowse

Posted April 04, 2022

Dine out with your favourite canine companion at one of these dog-friendly pubs, bars and eateries. 

Everyone enjoys spending time and having a meal with their best friend – human or dog. Melbourne is a great city to live in if you’re a dog owner, with plenty of drinking and dining venues welcoming pooches with open arms (and plenty of pats). 

Some venues even go one step further, offering special dishes and facilities for use by canine customers. Enjoy a dog’s breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) at one of these dog-friendly Melbourne pubs, bars and restaurants.

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A dog eating a crepe from a plate in a cafe

The dog menu at Chez Misty has recieved rave reviews from customers. Image: Supplied

Chez Misty, St Kilda

This casual eatery in St Kilda is run by Marc, a dog trainer, and his partner Cherry, a dog nutritionist. “We offer dogs and humans a place to hang out in a uniquely designed restaurant: a backyard area with couches for dogs and an indoor off-leash relaxing room,” the duo says. 

The café sports two separate menus - one for humans, and one specially for dogs. 

Chez Misty is named after the owners’ dog Misty. “I think she is the only dog in the world owning a creperie,” says Cherry. The menu features French-inspired food, including canine crêpes with fillings such as peanut butter and cashew, fish with carrot, lettuce, turmeric, apple, spinach and ricotta.   

You don’t need a dog to hang out at the café either, human guests are welcome to simply come enjoy a coffee, crêpe and the paw-some atmosphere. 

The Palace Hotel, South Melbourne

Having a smiling dog for a logo is a pretty good indicator that a pub is dog-friendly. That’s certainly the case at the Palace Hotel in South Melbourne, where Billy has been the official pub dog for years. Then in late 2021, the Palace welcomed a second pub dog, Shadow, to the venue as well.

Dogs are warmly welcomed in the beer garden and other outdoor dining areas, so long as they remain leashed.  

The Great Northern, Carlton North

Bozo the border collie is the official pub dog at the Great Northern - a pub so dedicated to dogs that it runs an Instagram page dedicated to showing off its canine clientele. 

Guests are actively encouraged to bring their dogs but note that you must enter and exit through the beer garden gate on Pigdon Street if doing so. 

The Ascot Lot, Ascot Vale 

This food truck park and beer hall in Melbourne’s north-west has a rotating selection of food trucks, meaning each visit gives you the chance to try something new. 

Dogs are welcome at the venue throughout the year. However, the Ascot Lot regularly celebrates pooches through special events.

In the past these have included Pooches and Prosecco, Dachshunds and Daiquiris, and Boxers and Beers. These events often bring in vendors selling pet accessories and dog-friendly snacks too.


A terrier with its paws on an outdoor table. There is a pint of beer in front of it on the table

There are lots of pubs in Melbourne that welcome dogs. Image: Getty. 

The Whiskery, Drysdale 

If you and your pooch find yourself on the Bellarine Peninsula, the Whiskery is a great place to whet your thirst.  

The spirits at this gin and whisky distillery are named after the owner’s dogs Teddy, Trooper, Rosey and Dodger, and their exploits around the farm. 

The distillery has a lush outdoor area where on-leash dogs are welcome to relax with their owners. 

Mr West, Footscray 

A popular watering hole for Melbourne’s western suburbs, Mr West is also popular with dogs.  

Dogs are permitted in the Mr West bottle shop and in the upstairs courtyard, where you can enjoy the range of 30 taps offering wine, beer, cocktails and cider.  

The Old Garage, Camberwell 

Everyone is catered for at the Old Garage. The café prides itself on having a plant-based option for every breakfast and lunch menu item, as well as offering dishes dogs. 

There’s a daily menu of snacks for pooches, including Dogs Say Yes biscuits which are made with human-grade ingredients. Fido can even wash it all down with a puppuccino.


A fluffy white dog getting a head scratch from a person sitting at an outdoor cafe table

Even if they're allowed, many venues require dogs remain leashed. Image: Getty

Welcome to Thornbury, Thornbury 

Dogs are welcomed, nay, encouraged, at the beer garden and food truck park Welcome to Thornbury. The venue openly admits that “we generally prefer the company of pooches over people.” 

Dogs must remain on-leash, however, patrons bringing dogs must sit in the outdoor area. Like the Ascot Lot, Welcome to Thornbury also hosts the occasional dog-inspired event too, like Good Dog of Darebin.  

Bellboy, Brunswick East 

Good boys and girls are welcomed at Bellboy café with a custom blue and white striped dog kennel – check out the café’s Instagram and you’ll see it’s a popular backdrop for canine guests.  

While human diners can enjoy a brunch menu filled with bagels, buttermilk waffles and sourdough crumpets, dogs can enjoy puppuccinos and locally made dog treats.  

Doghouse Café, Collingwood  

Instead of being a dog-friendly human café, it would be more accurate to describe Doghouse as a “human-friendly” dog café. The venue labels itself as 'Australia’s first dog café', where you can book a booth to enjoy a coffee while your dog does likewise.  

Doghouse also makes its own range of “Barkery” treats (baked goods but for dogs) and can be hired for dog birthday parties. The café also hosts regular meet-ups for specific dog breeds.  

More dog-friendly venues to try in Melbourne 

  • The College Lawn Hotel, Prahran 

  • The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick 

  • Auburn Hotel, Hawthorn 

  • Newmarket Hotel, St Kilda 

  • Myrtle Wine Café, Footscray 

  • Pilgrim, Melbourne 

  • Prince Alfred Hotel, Richmond 

  • Teddy Picker, Werribee 

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