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Posted March 26, 2024

Whether you live in regional Victoria, or use country roads regularly, let RACV know how you feel about the safety of regional roads.

RACV is inviting motorists from across the state to take part in the My Country Road survey about the safety of roads in regional Victoria. Survey results will be shared with government to help make regional roads safer for Victorians.

The My Country Road survey ends 7 May 2024. The survey is part of RACV’s Have Your Say series to listen to Victorians and includes the RACV My Home and My Melbourne Road surveys. 

How the My Country Road survey works

The survey uses an online interactive map that shows high-speed roads with large concentrations of crashes causing death or serious injury in regional Victoria. 

The map highlights roads with speed limits of 80km/h or higher where there have been fatal or serious crashes for the five-year period between 2018 and 2023.

Participants can provide feedback by clicking on one of the highlighted roads and filling out a survey. Participants are also welcome to nominate another road in regional Victoria that poses a risk to driver.


country road with unbalanced road sign on side of road

Survey participants can nominate and detail any concern they have with a road in regional Victoria. Image: Matt Harvey.

Helping to make regional roads safer

RACV General Manager Automotive Services, Jackie Pedersen, explained how RACV is using the survey results to help make regional roads safer for all Victorians.

“We will share the results with all levels of government, so we can work together to improve safety outcomes for Victorians,” Ms Pedersen said.

“RACV conducted the first My Country Road survey back in 2021 and 31 regional roads were highlighted as having serious safety issues. Of these, 16 have seen infrastructure upgrades commence or committed to by government.

“In 2023 there were 174 deaths on regional Victorian roads, that is an almost 30% increase on the previous year. Given these tragic numbers, it is more important than ever that Victorians help us to make country roads safer by completing this year’s survey.  

“Once again, we want to find out what people think of the state’s most dangerous regional roads. For example, is the speed limit too high given the condition of the road? What are the potential dangers in the road design like narrow lanes, power poles or trees too close to the road? Are the roads poorly sign posted or damaged? Or are there regularly unexpected things on the road like livestock, or native animals?

“We want to gather as much data as we can to encourage the state government and local councils to make commitments that deliver safer regional roads and help save lives.”


electric vehicle charging

Survey participants can also have their say on electric vehicles. Image: Supplied.

Electric vehicle uptake in regional Victoria

Tje My Country Road survey is also an opportunity for motorists in regional Victoria to let RACV know what they think of electric vehicles, and barriers to uptake.


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