Common things people forget to do when moving house

A man and woman moving boxes into a new home

Nicola Dowse

Posted May 25, 2023

Whether it’s your first time moving home or you’re an experienced mover, there are a number of moving tasks that can easily slip the mind. Here are the solutions.

Australians move house a lot, with the latest census data indicating that more than 40 per cent of Australian households moved residences in the five years proceeding 2019-2020. 

So, whenever you’re ready to make your next move here is a checklist of some of the commonly forgotten tasks. Alternatively, leave these tedious tasks to professional moving service providers to free up time to enjoy your new place. 

Things people forget to do when moving home

Connect and disconnect your services 

There’s nothing worse than moving into a brand new place only to discover the electricity isn’t working or the internet is cut off. It’s equally unpleasant to be charged for an energy bill at a property where you no longer reside.

Contact your service providers ahead of your move-in date to let them know you’re changing addresses. This gives you the best chance of the lights being on when you move in. You can also outsource the task to the professionals, with services like Arcline Move organising all your utility needs in one place so you can enjoy your home sooner and avoid potentially being without utilities for a few days. The service can also source the latest energy and internet plans for your new address, potentially getting you a better deal and saving you money in the process.  

Check the effectiveness of your solar panels

Does your new home have solar panels? On moving in, you might find your panels are off or in standby mode.

Sometimes you can fix this simply by following the instructions on the inverter. Otherwise, you should contact the company responsible for the installation of the panels. They may have instructions on their website, can talk you through the process over the phone or can arrange for the panels to be serviced.  

If you’re thinking about installing new panels on your home, think about contracting a solar provider that is well-reviewed, is Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved, and has market longevity.


Solar panels on top of a house

Solar panels are a great way to increase your energy efficiency, so long as they're working. Photo: Matt Harvey.

Update your address 

Changing your address when you move is more than just ensuring your mail gets delivered to the right location. Not updating your address on your insurance policies may have consequences if you need to make a claim.  

It can help to make a list of all the businesses and organisations that would have a copy of your home address, then updating them one by one. These include your employer, doctor, dentist, child’s school and phone provider, but may also include subscription and delivery services. Don’t forget to update your details with VicRoads or the electoral roll either! 

Going through your bills, emails or banking history can assist in remembering these groups. If you shop online with autosaved details, be sure to update these as well and update your pet’s registration and microchip details. 

Australia Post also allows you to redirect your mail for a set period, providing you extra time to update your information after the chaos of moving.  

Change your locks around the home 

Most people do the right thing and hand over all their keys when moving house but it’s still a good idea to get your door locks , and even your garage door locks, changed as soon as possible. 

If you do discover your new home’s locks are jamming, RACV has emergency locksmiths available 24/7.


A man moving a refrigerator

Unplugging your fridge 24 hours before moving it can help prevent damage to the appliance. Photo: Getty.

Unplug your fridge and freezer

You're all packed and ready to move - but have you switched off your fridge? It's a good idea to clear out, clean and switch your fridge or freezer off at least 24 hours before you move it.

This is to allow the evaporator to defrost as well as to let the oils and other fluids in the compressor time to settle, thus helping prevent your appliance arriving broken. Make sure you keep your fridge upright during transit as well.

Say hello to your new neighbours 

Developing good relationships with your neighbours provides a host of benefits. Neighbourhood Watch notes that positive relationships with your neighbours can help you " safer, happier and more connected to your neighbourhood” and one of the easiest ways to improve security around your home.  

During the pandemic the Australian National University even found that residents with social connections and nieghbourhood cohesiveness experienced fewer negative mental health outcomes. 

If you’re not game enough to knock on your neighbours doors, you can start simply by smiling, waving or saying ‘hi’ when you see them in the street. Neighbourhood Watch also provides resources such as free new neighbour postcards and printables that you can put in letterboxes. 

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