What makes a good solar provider?

two RACV Solar technicians installing solar panels on a roof

Danny Baggs

Posted May 02, 2023

If you’re considering installing a solar system in your home or business, it’s crucial to speak to the right solar provider. Here’s what makes a good solar provider, so you can make an informed decision and rest easy having solar installed on your property.

Solar systems are complex and designed to meet both immediate and future energy needs. It pays to speak to the right people about your solar options and installation choices, so you can decide on the best solar provider for your property. To help you make the decision, here are five benefits that your chosen solar provider should supply.

What to look for in a solar provider in Australia


Longevity in market for ongoing solar system servicing and maintenance

Did you know that there are over 750,000 orphaned solar systems across Australia? Many solar companies don’t last very long in market. When a solar company goes out of business, you may be left with a solar system that still requires maintenance, servicing, possible repairs and even warranty claims – none of which you can access through your original solar installer anymore. In addition, solar companies are sometimes reluctant to ‘adopt’ an orphaned system from another company and handle its maintenance.

While solar is a relatively new technology, not all solar installers are equal. Choose an installer that has the experience, reputation and longevity in market that you need for peace of mind.


RACV Solar technician talking to homeowner while pointing at her roof

Solar panels should only be installed by New Energy Tech Approved Sellers. Image: Matt Harvey

Quality solar systems with CEC accreditation

It’s important to select a solar retailer and installer that are Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved. The company should be listed on the CEC’s approved New Energy Tech Approved Seller list, which pledges commitment to the highest standards across all solar operations. The solar installer must also be CEC accredited to ensure that they have the necessary training to design and install renewable energy systems safely. Solar systems should also come with industry-leading product warranties and a lengthy workmanship warranty.


Help with access to solar rebates

Any solar system quote you receive should include a proposed system design, expected generation, warranty terms and an itemised list of components or products. A quality solar provider will be able to walk you through all financial aspects of purchasing a solar system, including accessing and applying for government rebates on solar systems. Some retailers also offer solar financing options if you need to spread the cost of purchasing your new solar system over time.

Solar sales staff should also be able to educate you about the financial benefits of generating and using your own electricity. Check whether the company offers optional advanced monitoring that allows you to track how much energy your solar system is using, so you can see where to make small changes to save even more money.


three RACV Solar technicians installing solar panels

Solar systems are often eligible for solar rebates from governments. Image: Matt Harvey

Help maximise and future-proof your solar investment

Solar technicians can work with you to provide a solar solution that works best for your individual property. For example, is your roof impacted by shading or does it face east-west rather than north? Your solar provider should be able to help you with a holistic solar system, including solar panels, solar battery storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging, heat pump hot water systems, and more. The solar provider should be able to help you select which aspects of a solar system you want or even upgrade your existing solar system.


Positive customer feedback

Look for a solar provider with a good customer track record. Solar installers who receive positive reviews and customer testimonials may be able to provide a quality service for your household. Reviews posted online are a good place to better understand customer satisfaction with solar providers. Word-of-mouth recommendations from your friends and family are also useful.


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