Heritage and personalised license plates boom in popularity and value

Craig Duff

Posted December 23, 2021

Custom plates are a worldwide phenomena

Custom vanity plates are a global phenomena. Image: Getty. 


Great plates

Outside of the heritage plates, there is plenty of demand for smart custom plates. The Department of Transport has issued around 30,000 in 2021 alone.

A department spokesperson says their popularity is based on the fact they add a unique touch to owner’s vehicles. Non-standard plates now represent around 18 per cent of all number plates on the road.

“Custom number plates allow Victorian motorists to adorn their vehicles with a unique and personalised touch - all one of a kind and original.”

“We see many clever combinations marking special dates, promoting a business, paying homage to a special vehicle or proudly displaying a favourite sporting club or code.” 

The spokesperson says some of the department’s favourites from 2021 include: 

  • M8W8UP – Mate, wait up
  • HPYBDY – Happy Birthday
  • BURGRZ - Burgers
  • HOTCHP – Hot chip
  • MVPDAD – Most Valued Person Dad
  • MATEE – Matey
  • GYMBOY – Someone who loves the gym

References to cryptocurrency have been popular this year, with combinations issued including:

  • BTCGUY – Bitcoin Guy
  • BTCGAL – Bitcoin Girl
  • BTCQIN – Bitcoin
  • NVESTN - Investing

Your taste on a plate

There are several design options available for Victorians to customise their plates even further, including:

  • Sport – AFL, NRL, A League, Grand Prix, fishing
  • Car brands – Ford (Mustang), Holden (HPV)
  • Fun and novelty – Batman, Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers, Style (Camouflage, Leopard etc)
  • International – Japan, USA, Europe
  • Classic – custom, personalised, retro
  • Premium – prestige, deluxe, signature, heritage

Most custom plate prices are around $495 but you can pay up to $14,000 for a six-digit heritage plate.

Victorian drivers can purchase a custom number plate from the custom plates website and enter their preferred plate combination to determine if it is available before buying a plate.

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