The new innovations in cycling

Woman with bike carries trailer filled with flowers on the back.

Lucy Cleeve

Posted May 03, 2019

Get in gear with the newest cycling accessories.

School kids, MAMILs and Sunday-afternoon cyclists all know the easy pleasure of a journey on two wheels. Roll up and take a look at the latest cycling gear to hit your local bike lane.    

Created almost a century before the car, there’s nothing new about the humble bicycle. But whether you’re cycling for fitness, for fun or simply to get from A to B, the number of Aussie bike riders is growing each year. Melbourne currently holds the title as Australia’s ride-to-work capital, and our city has a huge appetite for all things cycling. We take a slow ride past the coolest new kit for pedal pushers.

The smart helmet

These days, everything is getting smarter. But for cyclists, the challenge is to make things safer too. Connected, chargeable accessories that improve visibility can help save lives. This weatherproof smart helmet from Lumos stands out on the road – day or night – with 48 integrated LED lights and coloured flashing turn indicators. The helmet connects to a smartphone app and is controlled via a detachable remote placed on the handlebar, just next to your thumb. Traffic also gets a heads-up from the inbuilt accelerometer, activating red warning lights that flash when you’re slowing down.

The convertible bike trailer

Make a trip to the beach, the market or a picnic a car free – and parking free – proposition. Made to order right here in Melbourne, these cleverly and beautifully designed trailers from kkdu plum click easily onto almost any adult-sized bike, and let you carry a heavy load with ease. The trailers can also be used as carts to push or pull without the bike, and pneumatic tyres make for a smooth ride. When you’re done, simply fold it up to be stored under a bed or hung on the wall.

The navigating bell

Keep that distracting phone out of sight in your pocket or bag, and never get lost in the back streets again. This bike bell clips onto your handlebars and connects to Bluetooth and a smartphone app. Just type in your destination and this clever bell will direct you there using the safest and quietest route. Small lights and subtle sound signals indicate upcoming left or right turns and will recalculate if you take a wrong turn. This smart bell also aims to improve safety for cyclists. Ring your bell to log hazards and safety issues on the app and other users will be alerted too.

The 3D-printed bespoke bike

Who is the best person to design a bike to suit you? You. Customised consumer goods have been a major global trend in recent years, and a Melbourne-based business is tapping into the exciting custom scene with bespoke bikes. At Bastion Cycles you direct and modify your bike’s design, creating a 3D-printed model. From here, you can approve the design or suggest some tweaks to improve it. Then your personalised, precision bicycle is handcrafted – in Melbourne of course – with a high-end fusion of titanium and carbon fibre.