Electric vehicle home charging takes off in Australia

Tesla EV in home driveway

David Toscano

Posted September 07, 2022

RACV has invested in JET Charge to help its customers transition to a cleaner energy future.

The home charging revolution is well underway in Australia with more households investing in home charging systems to power their electric vehicle and harness solar energy, according to JET Charge - Australia's leading provider of home electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.  

“We’ve installed almost 10,000 electric charging stations to date, but I expect that to increase exponentially in the future,” says Tim Washington co-founder and CEO of JET Charge.

Learn how JET Charge makes EV charging at home easy and convenient.

A dedicated EV charger at home makes EV ownership highly convenient. Owners can fully charge their car overnight, or during the day and won’t need to leave the house for top-ups. Owners can even set up the home EV charger to only charge when the home solar power system is generating energy and/or at off-peak times from the grid (depending on your energy tariff).

“What we do is we run a circuit from the charging station to your switchboard, we make sure that it is all safe, that your electricity capacity can handle it and we’re done,” Washington says. “All of a sudden you take away all the inconvenience of fuelling and bring it to the convenience of where you’re going to be anyway.”

Interest in EVs is gathering pace in Australia. According to data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, EVs accounted for a record 4 per cent of new car sales in August 2022, with EV pioneer Tesla delivering 3,397 cars and outselling Subaru, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and BMW in the process.

man charging his Tesla EV at home using JET Charge

Charging at home is easy with JET Charge. Image: Matt Harvey

How to get started with EV charging at home

Solar experts RACV Solar can devise a solar power system encompassing EV charging that can meet the energy needs of your household and vehicle. Most home EV chargers available today are fully weatherproof, so you can choose to install yours inside a garage or outside in a carport. JET Charge even offers installation and charging support for EV drivers in apartments, flats, and units.


Charge your car at home with an RACV Solar EV charger.
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