2024 MG4 XPOWER EV review


Andrea Matthews

Posted February 07, 2024

Every car brand needs a hero, and for MG, that mantle is worn by the MG4 XPOWER, a hot-hatch inspired electric car that boasts one of the sharpest acceleration times of any car on the market today, at a fraction of the cost of a supercar.

Sitting atop the MG4 electric small car range, and powered by a 64kWh battery, the XPOWER is the only MG4 model to be driven by two electric motors, one on each axle. A 170kW motor on the front and 150kW on the rear combine to deliver 320kW and 600Nm and accelerates to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds – that’s performance that once the domain of European sportscars.

The all-wheel drive MG4 XPOWER, is boosted by a new dynamic cornering control system which includes a locking electronic differential and torque vectoring between all four wheels to maximise traction.

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The MG4 XPOWER is available in a unique paint finish. Image: Ben Weinstein.
The MG4 XPOWER Cabin is easy to use. Image: Ben Weinstein.
The XPOWER has Continental brake calipers with orange covers. Image: Ben Weinstein.
The MG4 XPOWER has a range of upto 400km (WLTP). Image: Ben Weinstein.

How much does the MG4 XPOWER cost?

The MG4 XPOWER is priced at $59,990 plus on-road costs. It’s fully equipped with technology and safety features, with the only additional cost an optional $1000 satin paint finish in unique colour, Hunter Green. Like all MG4 EV models, the XPOWER is backed by a seven-year warranty including the battery and has 40,000km/24-month service intervals.

If you choose to service at MG, expect to pay $296 for the first service and $962 for the 80,000km/48-month service which includes changing all fluids including the electric drive transmission fluid. MG’s Precise Price Service costs then alternate at those prices up until the 280,000km/168-month service.

The MG4 XPOWER offers some subtle design highlights over the rest of the MG4 range. It has uprated Continental brake calipers with painted orange covers, unique 18-inch alloy wheels with Bridgestone Turanza tyres and polished exterior trim features. It is also upholstered with Alcantara trim with contrast stitching and a powered driver’s seat. The upgrades over the standard MG4 do elevate the XPOWER, but they stop well short of the overt hot hatch styling of the Honda Civic Type R or Ford Focus RS - as a result, the MG4 XPOWER presents as somewhat of a sleeper.

Reflecting its performance credentials, the MG4 XPOWER is equipped with a track focused lap timer and launch control. Reflecting its practical hatchback duties, the XPOWER has towing capacity of 500kg. This car is shooting for both fun and practical.

Standard technology features include Start Stop & Keyless Entry, 360 degree camera, 10.25 inch Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration and a large wireless charging pad.

Expect greater electricity consumption than the standard MG4 EV range due to the vehicle’s extra weight, and the vehicle's performance nature. Over a test period of 900kms of predominantly highway kilometres, the 64kWh XPOWER averaged consumption of 20.4kWh/100km, around 3kWh/100km greater than the MG4 Essence. You should achieve consumption closer to the claimed 400km (WLTP) range if your regular driving habits include more suburban driving, and less long distance freeway kilometres.


MG4 XPOWER driving

The MG4 XPOWER accelerates to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds. Image: Ben Weinstein.


What is the MG4 XPOWER like inside?

The MG4 XPOWER is a small hatchback that feels spacious and well appointed compared to its siblings thanks to the Alcantara trim. Interior packaging is good, there’s decent storage available and plenty of room for four adults and all their gear.

Compared to the Hyundai i30N hot hatch, there’s more room in the rear, and it’s a more comfortable experience all round thanks to a softer suspension set up and less cabin noise thanks to the electric powertrain.

The driver sits relatively high in the cabin and the seat can’t go as low as hot hatches due to batteries in the boot floor. It means the driving position is good for commuting in traffic but less so for more spirited driving where a better connection to the car is demanded.

Like the rest of the MG4 range, the position of the driver information display and infotainment displays are well thought out, and access to all controls are easy – although the reliance on deep diving into the varied menus through the touchscreen does increase the amount of the time the driver needs to remove their focus from the road. That said, two favourite buttons on the steering wheel can be set to access and control frequently used functions.


MGX XPOWER driving

The MG4 XPOWER's exterior is decidedly understated. Image: Ben Weinstein.


Is the MG4 XPOWER good to drive?

It seems a bit cruel to refer to the MG4 XPOWER as a one trick pony, but its showpiece acceleration is by far the standout feature of the XPOWER’s performance promise.

Prior to driving the XPOWER, I’d spent time in the 150kW MG4 Essence – a mid spec MG4 that impresses with its execution. Coming off the back of that drive and jumping into the XPOWER, a vehicle whose power and torque figures are enough to get any enthusiast’s attention, I was hopeful of a car that built on the competent MG4 Essence, and improved upon it in every aspect.

However, with the exception of its acceleration that delivers exceptional overtaking capability, the MG4 XPOWER left me wanting a lot more.

There’s no debating the acceleration from a standstill to 100km/h is quick but the XPOWER steering and suspension set up is neither deft nor connected so the rest of the car doesn’t mirror the responsiveness of the throttle pedal. The all-wheel drive system does deliver confidence in corners but it isn't head and shoulders above the well balanced and much-less-powerful rear-wheel drive MG4 Essence. 


What safety features does an MG4 XPOWER have?

We’ve reported previously on the MG4’s intrusive driver assistance systems and the same criticisms apply to the MG4 XPOWER.

The MG4 XPOWER has a five-star ANCAP rating and is fitted with the MG Pilot safety suite. It includes autonomous emergency braking (AEB), Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Keep Assist and Lane Departure Warning and Traffic Jam Assist to control low speed acceleration, braking and steering in heavy traffic.

MG has a lot of work to do to improve the effectiveness of its systems to bring them up to par with those of other manufacturers. Lane keeping assistance is jerky when in traffic jam assist mode, and annoying at times for the driver when it grabs at the steering wheel if it senses an incorrect lane change. 

Most functions are accessed through the touchscreen. Image: Ben Weinstein
Charging the MG4 XPOWER is easy. Image: Ben Weinstein.

How does the MG4 XPOWER compare to other EVs?

The MG XPOWER represents relative affordability when it comes to its dual motor, all-wheel drive package. At $59,990 plus on-road costs, it is certainly a lot of engineering for the money, as such it compares very favourably with more expensive electric vehicle offerings from European brands.

It lacks the sophisticated interior finish of, say, the Peugeot e2008, but is an accessible small electric car that is as plug and play as a new vehicle can be, and that’s important in the transition to electric motoring.

The headline acceleration figure is more than most motorists will ever need, or want to access on a regular basis, but it is reassuring to know that the capacity for swift acceleration is there if needed to get you out of a hazardous situation.


Should I buy an MG4 XPOWER?

Falling squarely between the highly capable MG4 Essence, and a true hot hatch, the MG4 XPOWER is an intriguing offering but is not a truly compelling or refined package, yet. Given this is the first iteration of a performance car from MG's modular platform, it's reasonable to expect there’s a lot more to come. But If you’re looking at buying from the MG electric stable right now, I’d recommend the well-rounded MG4 Essence.

If hot hatch credentials are more important than choosing an EV, then you could be better off looking at the more affordable and more accomplished Hyundai i30N.


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