15 things we've missed about Melbourne

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Jessica Taylor Yates

Posted October 21, 2021

From sitting in restaurants to cheering on our favourite teams, here's everything Melburnians can't wait to get back to when the city reopens. 

After what feels like forever, the end of Melbourne's lockdown has the city's residents ready to smile once again. While there will still be some restrictions in place as we slowly reopen, the city is set to come alive with the reopening of restaurants, concert venues, hairdressers and our front door for family and friends, just to name a few. By the end of the year, Melburnians are on track to have a higher degree of normality, including retail, travel, and larger groups to the home. 

As the city prepares to reopen and we get ready to once again explore Australia's most liveable city, here are 15 things Melbournians have been missing - and can't wait to get back to.

*Ensure you are following your local government guidelines when it comes to travel and recreational activity. For the most up-to-date advice, please check the Coronavirus Victoria website.*

15 things Melburnians are looking forward to

1. Live sport 

While unfortunately Demons fans had to cheer on their flag-winning team from the television screens this past year, the state is ready to welcome back crowds to our sporting arenas with open arms. With summer heading into cricket season before the Australian Open and Grand Prix not too far behind, Melburnians are ready to don their colours and enjoy the atmosphere that only a stadium experience can provide. 

2. Concerts, gigs and festivals

Known for its vibrant music scene at our world-class entertainment venues, we have missed the feeling and magic of our favourite artists and musicians. From music festivals like Falls and the Melbourne International Jazz Festival, to concerts at famed venues like Rod Laver Arena, AAMI Park or even a smaller gig at The Corner Hotel or Hamer Hall, Melburnians are dusting off their dancing shoes. 

3. Having family and friends over

It may seem simple in comparison to big stadium arenas, but really, what we have missed the most is basic human connection. From having family around to a casual catch up with friends at home, this change has people across the state breathing sighs of relief. Bring on the dinner parties! 

4. Heading to the cinema

Are you a movie buff? One of life's simple pleasures and the go-to date night, being able to head back to some of the city's wonderful cinemas to catch the latest releases while out and about is something we can't wait to get behind. 

5. Sitting in a restaurant, bar or café

Bookings for dining have been through the roof since the end of lockdown announcement, with little surprise. From catch-ups with family and friends we haven't seen in months, to a simple night out with those we live with, Melbourne's superb dining scene will be back with a vengeance, and we can't wait. From high teas to bottomless brunches, gourmet lunches, decadent dinners and a good old night at one of Victoria's best pubs our foodie experiences have been missed. 


Melburnians are ready for live sport at the MCG. Image: Getty. 


6. Going on a holiday

Oh, how Melburnians have been craving this! Whether it’s a city escape, day tripregional getaway, or being able to venture interstate or even overseas, there has been so much we have missed about travelling. we can’t wait to re-learn how to pack a suitcase and head on a much-deserved holiday break!

7. Musicals and shows

As Australia’s home of the arts and entertainment, we cannot wait to head out and support the arts industry at famed venues like Her Majesty’s Theatre or Princess Theatre. From comedy and fringe festivals to musicals and plays, when Melbourne is thriving there is always something to see, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store. 

8. Community activities 

While we can’t wait to get out and about in Melbourne’s glorious CBD, there’s plenty we are looking forward to on the home front, too. From getting back to community sport, classes, local council activities, and groups to just getting a snag at Bunnings on a Saturday, getting back to being out and about with our communities is something that will help us all feel ‘normal’ once again. 

9. Heading to the shops

Shopaholics, this one’s for you. Whilst click and collect has had its merits, we can’t wait to go and support our local businesses and get into Melbourne’s fabulous shopping scene. From fashions in designer boutiques to simple browsing at a mall, a strip of shops, or local store full of knick-knacks and treasures galore, we’re looking forward to getting out of our tracksuits and into some fashionable new threads. 

10. Bringing back beauty, health and wellness

You’d be forgiven for emerging from lockdown with a hair-do that resembles the bowl cuts of the early 80's. As Melburnians made do with home jobs, we’re looking forward to tidying ourselves up with visits to hairdressers, beauty therapists, a day spa and the gym as we begin to re-enter society once again. 

The NGV Gallery.

We can't wait for exhibits and attractions at the NGV. Image: Getty. 


11. City attractions and exhibitions

While Melburnians have been cooped up at home, we have dreamed of the day we can head out and enjoy all the city has to offer. From aquariums and zoos to foodie adventures; from rotating exhibits and attractions to day experiences like Puffing Billy or a day at the snow; to a trip to the Yarra Valley, an escape room or day out at Luna Park, we are bustling with excitement at the chance to truly live in the world’s most liveable city once again.

12. Dancing into the night

Melbourne comes to life in the evening. Whether it's a rooftop dinner, drinks in a lounge, friends round for a movie or dancing until dawn, we are looking forward to being able to be out underneath the Southern Cross stars. From markets and festive nights and exhibits to simple drinks that roll into the night, we are ready to experience all Melbourne after dark has to offer. 

13. Back to school

Parents city-wide will breathe a sigh of collective relief when students will be allowed back to childcare, school, and on-campus study. Giving parents the ability to concentrate on work or home duties, teachers the ability to conduct class in person, and kids the opportunity to be with their classroom pals on safe ground once again will make a big difference to a large portion of the community who hope they don’t have to hear the words ‘home school’ again!

14. Getting our life organised

For some, life has been put on pause while restrictions have been in place. From finally being able to get a tradie in to start those renovations started to planning that wedding, having those driving lessons, borrowing that library book or driving more than 15km to get that couch from a specialised store or Facebook Marketplace; being able to 'get a move on' with things we have wanted to organise but couldn't is a great way for us to be able to feel normal once again. 

15. Looking forward to things 

A large part of what we are looking forward to is freedom. Freedom to see friends and family in different suburbs. Freedom to lie on a beach, hug a friend, lazily walk through a botanical garden, have a long lunch, or get in the car for a romantic drive. Freedom to do what we like and to be spontaneous when the moment or feeling hits. Freedom to travel, and welcome travellers with open arms. Freedom to get excited again - for dinners, parties, shows, attractions, events and travels. We can't wait to look forward to all Melbourne and life has to offer. 


-Remember to keep safe, wear a mask, check-in and adhere to COVID-19 safety measures in your area-

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