The ultimate guide to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre

young boy and father at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Danny Baggs

Posted September 04, 2023

Enter a world of colour and creativity at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre these school holidays. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your day out.

It’s time to start building the ultimate day out for your kids! LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is Australia’s first indoor LEGO® playground, specifically designed for kids aged 3 to 10 years old. 

With more than two million LEGO® bricks, interactive rides, a 4D cinema and much more, your children will get plenty of hands-on time discovering and constructing whatever their imagination desires. 

Everyone loves LEGO® – some people have even created valuable LEGO® collections – so here’s what you need to know for a great day out at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre. 

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Everything you need to know about LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre

What is LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is a fantastic indoor LEGO® playground for kids aged 3-10. There are interactive rides, LEGO® play areas, master classes from LEGO® Master Model Builders, a themed 4D cinema, and even a miniature LEGO® replica of iconic Melbourne landmarks.

What rides and attractions are there at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

There’s plenty to do at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre.

The LEGO® Factory Tour takes you behind the scenes to learn how LEGO® bricks are made. You can even design your own Minifigure!

The LEGO® 4D Cinema plays a series of short films on rotation every 20 minutes, so you can watch just one or settle in for them all. Experience rain, wind and even snow as you watch ninjas, knights, police officers, mythical creatures, and other wonderful LEGO® creations.

The interactive Kingdom Quest Ride has you zap trolls and skeletons from aboard your chariot to rescue the captured princess. 

Merlin’s Apprentice Ride has you pedal the enchanted cart in Merlin’s magical potions chamber to soar into the sky. The faster you peddle, the higher you fly!

What play areas are there at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

MINILAND® Melbourne is a miniature LEGO® replica of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks and monuments, built by 15 expert model builders over 5,000 hours with over 1.5 million LEGO® bricks. Several landmarks are interactive, like the horse race at Flemington or the game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The DUPLO® Farm Adventure play zone is a soft play farmhouse designed for kids aged 2 to 5. It’s filled with big, soft and colourful DUPLO® animals and bricks for the young ones to play in safety.

For children aged 4+, the LEGO® City Fire Academy soft play area encourages kids to master the jungle gym and shoot down the firehouse slide.

Heartlake City is a miniature LEGO® city that’s home to five LEGO® Friends: sporty Stephanie, artist Emma, outdoorsy Mia, genius Olivia, and born performer Andrea. Here kids can create stories and add on to the city, fostering their sense of imagination.

At Underwater LEGO® Quest, you can build your own LEGO® sea creature, create a stop-motion film, take pictures with Shark Suit Guy, and complete the diver’s checklist to get your very own Junior Diver’s License.

LEGO® Racers: Build & Test is a zone for kids to build their own LEGO® racing car and test it on the track for the quickest time.

Nearby, the Earthquake Tables challenge you to build the tallest tower you can to test its strength as the tables start to shake.

Finally, the Creative Workshop hosts special interactive workshops with LEGO® Master Model Builders for inside tips and tricks.


two young  boys at LEGOLAND

Kids will marvel at MINILAND® Melbourne. Image: Supplied

What ages are suitable for LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is designed for children aged 3 to 10 years old to have high-quality, educational and interactive fun. Please note that children must be always accompanied by an adult. The centre is stroller-friendly and has family bathrooms with diaper changing facilities.

Which areas at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre are best for my child’s age?

3- to 4-year-olds are developing skills like learning colours and shapes, playing with others, and using their imagination to play ‘pretend’ games with toys. The bright DUPLO™ Farm is perfect for these children, with lots of teachable moments, roleplay stories, and big, soft bricks to foster creativity and motor skills.

5- to 6-year-olds are typically quite social, preferring to play with friends rather than on their own. Their play is more complex, with lots of imagination providing fantasy and drama to their pretend stories. That’s why kids this age will love Heartlake City, where they can roleplay as the LEGO® Friends and build additions for the city. The Creative Workshops with LEGO® Master Model Builders are also perfect for 5- to 6-year-olds to interact with.

7- to 8-year-olds are better at controlling their emotions and behaviour, meaning they can generally handle playing games with rules and playing fair in competitions. The LEGO® Racers zone is a wonderful place for this age group to practice their social skills like sharing and negotiating as they build and test their own race cars.

9- to 10-year-olds have typically developed a strong sense of realism by this age. MINILAND® is perfect for these older kids, who can appreciate the skill required to build the 1.5 million-brick display and will enjoy interacting with Melbourne’s landmarks.

Do you have to have kids to go to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

Typically, yes – adults must be accompanied by at least one child aged 17 or under to visit LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre.

Adults without children can access the retail store without purchasing an admission ticket. There are also a series of Adult Nights available for adults who want to visit without children.


young boy and his mother on the Merlin ride at LEGOLAND

Merlin’s Apprentice Ride has you pedal an enchanted cart to soar into the air. Image: Supplied

What are LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre’s opening hours?

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is typically open 10am-4pm on weekdays and 9.30am-5pm on weekends.

Where is LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre? How do I get there?

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is located on Level 2 in Chadstone Shopping Centre, opposite HOYTS Cinema and near Target.

If you’re driving, the closest car park is Car Park B at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

Otherwise, you can catch the free Chadstone Tourist Shuttle from Federation Square to Chadstone Shopping Centre.

If catching public transport, take the Pakenham train line to Caulfield Railway Station, then take Bus Route 900 towards Stud Park until you arrive at Chadstone Shopping Centre.

How long does LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre take?

Tickets to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre have pre-booked entry times to reduce lines, with each session lasting two hours. Make sure you arrive on time so you can enjoy all the activities without rushing.


young boys at the LEGOLAND 4D Cinema

The LEGO® 4D Cinema plays a series of short films on rotation every 20 minutes. Image: Supplied

How much are tickets to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

General admission to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre is $36 per person, adult or child.

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Is there a LEGO® shop at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

Yes, there’s a large retail shop just outside LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre, with no ticket required to shop.

There are the latest and greatest LEGO® sets, hard-to-find and exclusive LEGO® items found only at LEGO® stores, an extensive range of LEGO® home and fashion products like t-shirts, storage boxes, stationery and drink bottles. You can also choose from over 120 LEGO® Bricks and pieces at the Pick A Brick Wall, build a customisable Minifigure, or get your brick keychain engraved.

The retail shop is open 9.30am-5.30pm from Monday to Wednesday, 9.30am-9pm from Thursday to Saturday, and 9.30am-7pm on Sunday.


young  boy between parents at the LEGOLAND retail shop

There’s a large retail shop just outside LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre. Image: Supplied

Can I buy food and drink at LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre?

The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre café has a range of fresh foods, snacks and beverages for all ages. The $24 Kids Meal Deal includes an exclusive LEGO® lunchbox, kids’ sandwich, fruit, LEGO cookie, and small drink. Adults can enjoy a sandwich or salad, cupcakes, or coffee among other options. Please note that the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre doesn’t allow any outside food or drinks, unless you have food allergies or are caring for babies.


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