Where to get the best Japanese takeaway around Melbourne

Flat lay of various Japanese dishes

Jessica Taylor Yates

Posted July 27, 2021

From north to south, where to get the best Japanese takeaway near you in Melbourne.

Popularised here in the early '70s, our blossoming relationship with Japanese food has become a mainstay in restaurants and households across the city, where if you can't go out, you can bring a taste of Japan to you. Whether you're in the north, east, south, west or right in the center of Melbourne, there is no shortage of fantastic Japanese cuisin in Victoria's multicultural capital.

So with that in mind, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best Japanese takeaway offerings from all sides of Melbourne for you to enjoy. Kanpai!

Best Japanese takeaway in Melbourne’s north, south, east and west

Japanese takeaway on the northside of Melbourne

Our northside team waiting for their Japanese delivery from the couches on their porches will not be disappointed, as there are plenty of decadent Japanese restaurants in the north ready to take your order. Some highlights include:

Matsumoto, Brunswick.  Serving the Brunswick East community for over 10 years, Matsumoto is famed for their Japanese sushi boats and platters, as well as their generous servings of house bento family combos, sake, and regular Japanese comfort food for those cosy nights inside. Oishii!

Ichi Ni Na Na, Fitzroy.  Popular with the dine-in crowd, did you know all your favourites are available for delivery? Featuring a menu of a la carte tapas such as renkon (lotus root) chips and their famous Ichi tacos, as well as beautifully displayed bento boxes, sushi variations, curries and salads, the real winners here are the famed desserts like the harumaki – chocolate-filled spring rolls with mascarpone cream.

Chiba, Moonee Ponds.  Looking for ‘home-style’ Japanese cuisine? Chiba specialises in dishes Australian palettes have come to love – think fresh sushi and sashimi, teppanyaki, tempura, and delicious rice and noodle dishes. They also cater to many dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten free, whilst maintaining their popular reputation this side of the river.

Japanese takeaway on the eastside of Melbourne

Over on the eastside, our team hungrily await the decadent Japanese offerings beneath their leafy green abodes. For great Japanese food east of Melbourne, we have:

Izakaya Jiro, Hawthorn.  An award-winning Japanese restaurant on the eastside, once you've ordered your food, don't forget the drinks. There are over 50 varieties to choose from, including traditional Japanese sakes, beers, plum wines, and cocktails. Eastsiders will also be spoiled for choice when it comes to the menu, where in true tapas-style, they can move from one of the 50 small plates up to sashimi, sizzling hot plates and skewers. It is an experience the restaurant says allows diners to 'experience multiple authentic Japanese dishes in just one evening' or to put in one word – Izakaya.

Shira Nui, Glen Waverley.  At this unpretentious Japanese sushi bar, you will find Hiro Nishikura, head chef and owner who spent 13 years mastering his craft in Japan before bringing it to the eastside team. Boasting a legion of local fans, the food is often referred to as an ‘experience’ due to the experimental menu featuring yellow fish eggs and their famed omakase, alongside regular Japanese favourites such as sushi hand rolls, karaage (deep-fried chicken) and hot pot.

Woman picking up tempura prawn with chopsticks

If you can't go to Japan, bring Japan to you! Image: Getty. 


Japanese takeaway on the southside of Melbourne

Pop on your lycra and puffer vests out to the delivery car, because the southside team is coming in hot! The highlights of Japanese food in the south of Melbourne include:

Mr Miyagi, Windsor.   Locals will tell you that Mr Miyagi isn’t food, it’s an ‘experience’. As a self-described ‘casual but fancy’ restaurateur, this Japanese Asian-fusion local is famed for its new-age dishes that invoke the senses – think ramen gnocchi, peking duck nori tacos, schnitty baos and the yuzu cheesecake. With a menu this interesting, you know you’ve got to try it at least once!

En Izakaya, Balaclava.  At En Izakaya, both the owner and chef pride themselves on presenting Japanese cuisine unlike anything Melbournians have seen before. With a focus on ‘taste, texture, aroma and appearance,’ their menu is divided by whether the dish comes from the garden, paddock, or sea. There's something for everyone, with a drinks menu designed to be paired and shared when ordering in from this Balaclava locale.

Tokyo Tina, Windsor.  For those living on the fancier side of life, funky Tokyo Tina is your next takeaway stop. With a more modern take on Japanese fusion, there’s no regular sushi rolls here. Think DIY pork belly bao, smoked duck bibimbap with kimchi fried rice and prawn katsu sliders to munch on as you groove the night away, home-style.

Japanese takeaway on the westside of Melbourne

Out west, hot on northside’s coattails as the up and coming ‘cool and edgy’ team, our players get ready to place their orders from the glow of their old Victorian fireplaces:

279 Victoria Street, West Melbourne.  With an aim to bring Japanese minimalism to the west, owner Kantaro Okada is all about coming back to basics, with home-style Japanese dishes including their famed ‘musubi’ – onigiri-style rice balls with a variety of fillings that can change up each week such as slow-cooked seaweed, grilled mackerel and karaage chicken. 279 also has a no-nonsense approach to lunch fare, with an assortment of bento boxes such as pork belly, sashimi and tempura prawn ready to go for that delicious Japanese lunch hit.  

Ebi Fine Food, Footscray.  In a fun fusion of Japanese takeaway meets your local fish and chippery sits Ebi Fine Food. Popular with locals, here you can mix it up with the ‘Bento Box of the Day,’ where customers have a chance to try new dishes, fresh fish dishes courtesy of Footscray Market, an assortment of appetisers such as veggie croquettes arabiki, and in case you were craving it, fish and chips – Japanese style. 

Wayo Japanese, Flemington.  According to their website, ‘Wa’ means Japan, and ‘Yo’ means western, so owner-chef Akio Nakajima has brought the combination of both worlds to his westside menu. Delivering tasty Japanese foods unlike those we already know, Wayo’s takeaway offerings feature fused entrees such as torikara fried chicken and beef tataki, as well as heartier rice and soup dishes and mains from the grill. With this much variety, there’s something for everyone with Wayo. 

From classic to experimental, there's Japanese takeaway for everyone in every corner of Melbourne. Image: Getty.
From classic to experimental, there's Japanese takeaway for everyone in every corner of Melbourne. Image: Getty.

Japanese takeaway in Melbourne CBD

Not to be forgotten is the CBD, where there’s something for all teams:

Shoya, Melbourne.  For those looking for a full night of Japanese decadence (during a gold medal event, perhaps?) the city’s award-winning Shoya takes diners on a ‘culinary journey,’ using century-old Japanese techniques fused with contemporary cuisine. The standouts here are the Home Dining Sets, featuring appetisers, mains and desserts for a party of three, taking you straight to the heart of Japan from your very own home.

Nobu, Melbourne.  The internationally acclaimed Japanese hotspot has created Nobu @ Home, designed to ‘make your night a little more luxurious.’ Featuring what they have dubbed a ‘one of a kind gastronomical experience,' the team have created a bespoke menu of 'Signature' and 'Special Occasion' omakase boxes alongside a selection of Nobu’s classic Japanese cocktails and drink pairings.