Ride through history

Explore the treasures of the Goldfields region from the seat of your bike.

Ballarat Winter festival

Explore the treasures of the Goldfields region from the seat of your bike. 

Travel through Castlemaine, Bendigo and Ballarat on the 58 kilometre long Leanganook Track, or you may choose to spread it out over three short bursts. The least challenging of the three trails, the Leanganook Track isn't to be taken lightly. On the track you'll see the delights of the region: observing plantations, apple orchards and of course, mine relics from the height of the gold rush era. You'll have the opportunity to stop for a coffee, enjoy some cider and take in extraordinary feats of engineering.

Starting in Daylesford, the Dry Diggings track is the perfect option for traversing the Castlemaine Diggings National Park. On the first leg, riders will have the option of stopping in the Hepburn Springs and dismounting along the way at the Chocolate Mill. Start the 21 kilometre descent through old mines, village ruins and geological sites, then stop for a picnic in Vaughan Springs, and finish the second leg. Travel another 19 kilometres and finish up in Castlemaine after cycling through Fryerstown, and potentially catching a glimpse of gold along your way.

The most challenging trail of the three, the Wallaby Track, is 90 kilometres long and can take between 8-10 hours. Though it can be completed in a day, the trail can be broken into four sections for a more leisurely approach. The trail will take you from Mt Buninyong through to Ballarat, then on to Creswick where riders can take a well deserved break at RACV Goldfields Resort. Tomorrow you'll be able to take on the ride on to Daylesford, where you'll know you've covered 90 kilometres of famous Victorian landscape.

The journey of the Goldfields Track can be as challenging or relaxing as you choose – whether on foot or on wheels.   

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