Signature culinary experiences bring something new to the table

Distinct, regional flavours inspired by local surroundings.

Curated menus inspired by local surroundings give RACV Conferences and Events venues a distinct,
regional flavour.

From eye-catching desserts, to inventive cocktail lists and menus curated especially for guests with dietary requirements, these RACV Conferences and Events venues have all the ingredients to make your next event a success.

RACV Goldfields Resort

Signature offering: Cool cocktails with a regional twist

Rich in Gold Rush history, the Goldfields region is awash with tales of colourful characters who made (and often lost) their fortunes during the gold prospecting boom that swept through the area in the mid-1800s. Nowadays, visitors flock to the Goldfields in search of other treasures – art galleries, outdoor adventures, wildlife encounters and culinary experiences.

With this in mind, the RACV Goldfields Resort teamed up with mixology specialists Monsieur Cocktail to come up with the Welcome Stranger cocktail menu. The list of cocktails exclusive to RACV Goldfields reflects the legends and icons of the local area. Guests can try six, different regional cocktails including ‘The Welcome Nugget’, a refreshing pick-me-up featuring Australian spiced rum, fresh lime, native river mint, and sparkling pink lady apple juice served with honey roasted macadamias. The cocktail list can also be adapted to match themed special events, corporate conferences or group get-togethers.

assorted cocktails on Goldfields bar top

RACV Healesville Country Club & Resort

Signature offering: Carefully crafted menus for dietary requirements

Instead of viewing special dietary requirements as secondary to the ‘main’ menu, RACV Healesville Country Club & Resort Executive Chef David Martin has invested much time and energy into developing elaborate menus especially for people with dietary requirements. From vegans to the lactose intolerant, gluten-free eaters and people who need to watch their fructose intake, diners following all sorts of special diets are taken care of with the innovative ‘mymenu’ concept. A robust menu that gives diners with dietary concerns the ability to eat with as much choice and freedom as possible, mymenu is also available at RACV City Club and RACV Torquay Resort on request.

RACV Cape Schanck Resort

Signature offering: Presenting the best of the Peninsula on a plate

RACV Cape Schanck Resort’s favourable location surrounded by some of Victoria’s leading dairies, farms, vineyards and estates ensures that the menus are packed with the region’s best ingredients. Executive Chef Josh Pelham and his staff take great pride in showcasing the region’s passionate growers and makers, with seasonal menus championing ingredients from neighbouring producers such as Cape Schanck Olive Estate, Main Ridge Dairy, Pure Peninsula Honey, and BoatShed Cheeses. For a taste of the Peninsula, look no further than hosting your next event at the RACV Cape Schanck Resort.

close up of two salad dishes photographed from above at Healesville Country Club against a pink backgrounf
seafood dish photographed from above at Cape Schanck Resort against a dark timber table
entre plate with small bites served on ramen soup spoons at Torquay resort

RACV Royal Pines Resort

Signature offering: Instagrammable desserts made by creative pastry chef

Once an afterthought, now a genuine standout dish in its own right, desserts have come a long way since the days where a chocolate mud cake or bowl of ice cream constituted dessert. At the RACV Royal Pines Resort, you can expect to be treated to next-level desserts crafted by in-house dessert king Moh. A trained pastry chef with a flair for creating perfectly presented, themed desserts, Moh is a dab hand at cooking up memorable desserts that blow away guests. From gravity-defying, golf-themed chocolate desserts that look like a work of art, to bespoke celebration cakes and delicate high tea creations, the extraordinary dessert offering at RACV Royal Pines is sure to be a talking point at your next event.  

RACV Torquay Resort

Signature offering: Championing Victoria’s organic, free-range food producers

RACV Torquay Resort’s menus namecheck Victoria’s food producers that are invested in doing things the right way. Synonymous with quality, Torquay’s Zeally Bay Sourdough is Victoria’s first and only 100% certified organic sourdough bakery. Creating premium, hand-shaped sourdough bread the traditional way, Zeally Bay Sourdough’s loaves have won numerous food awards. 

Kennedy’s Creek beef comes from the fertile pastures of a 40-acre property that’s located near the Great Otway National Park. Grass-fed beef from Kennedy’s Creek has elevated concentrations of vitamins and nutrients, which makes for a healthier choice. Naturally-fed, chemical-free poultry from Milawa Free Range Poultry means guests can enjoy organic, free range chicken that is free from growth stimulants. Using premium ingredients from suppliers committed to excellence means quality is assured when dining at the RACV Torquay Resort.

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