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European River Cruises in 2020

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Food & wine, history, culture; there’s nowhere like Europe for indulging the senses - where you feel truly free to get out there and make the most of every moment. And there’s no better way to do it than with the award-winning APT Europe River Cruise.

Extraordinary moments with Outback Wilderness Adventures

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Explore the best of Australia's outback with the experts. Travel aboard a custom-destined 4WD vehicle and gain invaluable insights from local indigenous guides while staying in the Outback's best accommodation.

The Kimberley by land and sea

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Epic landscapes. Helicopters over waterfalls and speed boats across others. Ancient Indigenous rock art. And luxury stays in the most remote places. Don’t wait. Receive more savings with your RACV 5%* savings, valid on all APT offers.


  • Tree against Sunset in Serengeti

    Astonishing natural beauty

    Africa, rugged and wild. Home to iconic wildlife, fascinating cultures and epic landscapes. Countless animals, open plains and thundering waterfalls, there is nowhere else on Earth quite like Africa. Full of exhilarating adventures and special moments that elevate your journey to incredible heights, our African safaris have been meticulously crafted.

  • Giraffe in Africa


    From taking a safari in Kruger National Park or the Serengeti, to meeting Maasai villagers as they teach you their traditions, Africa is unmatched in its astonishing natural beauty and cultural treasures.

  • Africa 2019

    Full of exhilarating adventures and highlighted by special moments that elevate your journey to incredible heights, our African safaris have been meticulously crafted. 

  • Africa 2020

    Astonishing from sea to sky. Home to iconic wildlife, fascinating cultures, spectacular landscapes and intricate history, there is nowhere like it. 

  • Egypt, Jordan & Israel 2020/21

    Egypt, Jordan and Israel form the adventure travel pillars of this region. Journey through epic landscapes and ancient hubs of humanity with APT. 

The Americas

  • Moraine Lake in Canada at 6AM

    Canada, Alaska and USA

    A chain of breathtaking mountain peaks cuts through the heart of two vast, very different lands. Here, bright blue skies melt into glacial oceans, dramatic coastlines and unforgiving deserts hide some of the word's most famous urban centres. The diverse landscapes and cities of North America await.

    From Canada's Rockies to the glittering lights of America's famous cities, you'll feel the rush of adventure at every turn. Paired with an ocean cruise along Alaska's Inside Passage, there's no other holiday quite like it.

  • Cacti close up in San Juan Teotihuacán, Mexico

    South America

    Prepare yourself for a true feast for the senses. An evocative collage of colour, culture, beauty and history – South America is a land like no other, full of inspiration, awaiting you to explore. Journey to iconic cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires or Cusco and cruise the Galápagos Islands or Antarctic Peninsula.

  • Canada & Alaska 2019

    From exploring vibrant metropolises to traversing storybook scenery by land and rail, or even exploring the surrounding seas from a Zodiac on a small ship or expedition cruise. 

  • South America 2019

    An evocative collage of colour, culture, beauty and history. South America's charm and warmth is matched by the diverse range of history and traditions unique to each region. 

  • Canada & Alaska feat. USA 2020

    APT is by your side from Vancouver to New York City, leading the way to your newest discovery. 

  • Antarctica & South America 2019/20

    Each day brings new levels of excitement and anticipation as you cruise through a remote land of ice and wonder. Cruise through the Drake Passage and be emersed in the seductive rhythms of Rio de Janeiro.

  • South America 2020

    South America presents an array of cultural, artistic and natural charms which promise to leave an indelible mark. From the enthralling structures gracing Machu Picchu and Easter Island and the imposing presence of the Amazon. 

  • Antarctica & South America 2020/21

    There is so much to discover in Antarctica. Get close to the world's most awe-inspiring display of nature. Enjoy the seductive rhythms of iconic cities to majestic landscapes in South America.


  • Cherry Blossoms with Mount Fuji, Japan in the background

    Inspiring landscapes and diverse cultures

    From great mega-cities to quiet backwater villages, Asia is a world of unique possibilities where ancient and modern wonders coexist. Wildly captivating and spiritual, be welcomed by a world of idyllic landscapes and architectural triumphs across seven differing countries. Expect delectable cuisine, compelling cultures and hospitable locals.

    From the inspiring landscapes to diverse cultures - you can experience all the wonders of Asia with APT.

  • Kolkata, India Sunset in the City of Joy


    Relax on your floating boutique hotel along the Mekong, Lower Ganges or Yangtze River. Lose yourself in ancient times while exploring the Great Wall of China, Angkor Wat or Agra Fort. Or traverse the vibrant Japanese Isles, or the undiscovered kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan by land.

  • China & Japan 2019

    Home to ancient traditions, enthralling histories and beautifully diverse lands. Discover a world where contrasts and contradictions wonderfully interweave in a magical way.

  • Myanmar, India & Sri Lanka 2019/20

    Meander along the Irrawaddy River and explore the Spice Isle. Visit India's Kerala Backwaters and then venture to Ranthambore National Park in search of Bengal tigers. 

  • Vietnam & Cambodia 2019

    Gain an authentic insight into local life as we guide you through Asia. APT will taake you beyond the tourist trail and reveal the very heart of these captivating destinations. From river cruises to land tours. 

  • China & Japan 2020

    Feel humbled. By the sheer scale of landscapes, from stone forests to snowcapped mountains. By ancient cultures of geishas and dynasties.

  • Vietnam & Cambodia feat. Myanmar 2020/21

    There's always something new to discover in APT's Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. Cruise peaceful rivers, traverse by coach or get deeply immersed in culture. 


  • Lingmoor Fell, Ambleside, United Kingdom A trek up the fell in the dark with the sun breaking through the drifting clouds

    Always something new to discover

    An award-winning river cruise between Amsterdam and Budapest. Mediterranean sunshine. A small group escorted journey in Croatia. The Northern Lights. A luxury land discovery of the UK and Ireland. Almost everything in between.

    There’s always something new to discover in APT’s Europe.

  • aerial photography of houses and dome building near sea at golden hour in Hvar, Croatia


    Whether it's a holiday in Spain and Portugal, a small group tour of Italy or Croatia, a river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, or any of our many other European holidays, APT will take care of the details.

  • APT Europe 2020

    No matter how many times you've been, there's always something new to discover in APT's Europe. Whether you want to cruise the rivers, glide through landscapes by rail or coach, APT is for you. 

  • Europe 2019

    Whatever life-enriching travel style you choose to discover Europe, APT will take care of every detail. From cruising along tranquil estuaries and might rivers to traversing storybook scenery by land and rail. 

  • Small Ship Mediterranean & Croatia Cruising 2020

    Be dazzled by the coasts of the Aegean, Adriatic and Meditteranean. Cruise through sparkling waters, navigate archipelagos, experience food unrivalled in flavour. 

  • Small Ships 2020

    Whether you want an exploration filled with food, wine and tangerine sunsets, or something a little more adventurous, a small ship cruise with APT is for you. 


  • uluru at sunset Uluru & Kata Tjura National Park, Australia


    This impressive continent strikes you with its restful and generous nature. From its ancient spiritual pulse to its clear turquoise horizons, Australia is a land that stimulates, entertains, excites and most of all - welcomes.

    Dramatic beauty and real adventure defines Australia. No matter where you decide to explore, you are guaranteed to fall in love with these special parts of Australia. From the remote Kimberley and Outback to the Apple Isle of Tasmania, and from the east coast of Queensland to Ningaloo Reef along the west, we have Australia covered.

  • Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

    New Zealand

    Between verdant pastures and rainforests, a landscape bubbling with geothermal activity awaits discovery. Delve into captivating sites and gain first-hand experience in the country's unique culture. From North to South Island, you can fully immerse yourself in the remarkable history and tradition on an unforgettable adventure.

  • Oceania by Small Ship 2020

    Embark on an enthralling coastal exploration of Australia's final frontiers. Travel by expedition small ship to get close to Australia's most rugged coastal landscapes, natural and cultural wonders. 

  • Kimberley Wilderness Adventures 2020

    Australia's vast Kimberley region is one of the world's last wilderness frontiers. Whether you're chasing the thrill of a helicopter ride or looking to delve deeper into Indigenous culture, APT is for you. 

  • Tasmania 2019/20

    At the edge of the world, Tasmania is every bit as extraordinary as bizarre. Whether you want to walk this prized paradise, explore tranquil rainforests make time for yourself and feel a sense of well-being or immerse yourself in art, culture, food and history, APT is for you. 

  • New Zealand 2019/20

    From mountain peaks to fiords and subtropical islands, New Zealand allows it's landscapes to take centre stage. See snow-capped alps, explore tranquil rainforests, sail the seas, visit river-laced lowlands or immerse yourself in culture, food and history. 

  • Kimberley Coast Cruising 2020

    Take to the water and experience some of Australia's most remote coastlines from a whole new perspective. Escape from the crowds. Leave all your worries on land. Feel the sea breeze ripple through your hair and the sunshine on your skin. 

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