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The RACV Community Foundation is pleased to announce that KIDS Foundation is the recipient of the inaugural Capacity Building Grant. In June 2017 a $290,000 Capacity Building Grant was awarded to the KIDS Foundation.

The KIDS Foundation is a national leader in childhood injury prevention and injury recovery, established in 1993. As a successful past small grant recipient, KIDS Foundation was able to show a significant impact with its small grant in 2015. The measured outcome of that grant showed an increase in awareness of safety and mobility amongst children and their families.

The Capacity Building Grant will allow  the KIDS Foundation to engage with 2,000 pre-school and early learning centres across the Victoria, increasing safety understanding and injury-reducing responsible practices. Approximately 100,000 Victorians will participate in the project with 2,000 class resource kits and 2,000 digital licences distributed throughout the State.  

The RACV Community Foundation is looking forward to sharing the outcomes of this initiative with all our supporters.

What are we here for?

In challenging economic times, the community services that the RACV Community Foundation helps to fund are being called on more than ever. It's important the Foundation makes a significant contribution to the social fabric of Victoria.

  • Vision: To provide a source of philanthropic funding for Victorian charitable and community organisations in order to improve quality of life.
  • Mission: To provide funds to grassroots community service organisations that look to improve mobility in Victorian communities, with a view to enhancing social cohesion, safety, and/or environmental sustainability.

Grants of up to $20,000 help grassroots organisations – often staffed by volunteers – deliver local projects that help improve the lives of people in need across Victoria.

Since 1997 the RACV Community Foundation has approved grants of more than $3.7 million to more than 300 charities.

Prospective Grant applicants

Stay tuned.

How you can get involved

You can join more than 800 people who make one-off donations to the Foundation every year by clicking on the Donate button on this page and following a few simple steps.

Alternatively, for donations of $5000 or more, it’s easy to establish a sub-fund within the RACV Community Foundation that will carry your name, act as a focus for your charitable work and continue to grow and last beyond a single gift.

We are a charitable fund so all donations are tax-deductible, and you can be sure your donation will make a real and positive difference.

Reasons to support the RACV Community Foundation

  • A demonstrated history of community impact across Victoria – more than 50% of all grants have been awarded to rural and regional organisations.

  • A focus on small community organisations – more than 80% of grants support organisations with annual turnovers of less than $5 million.

  • Direction and support provided by an advisory committee of RACV directors, staff and community representatives with decades of collective expertise in business and working with the non-profit sector.

  • A strong charter and rules ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

  • A rigorous grants approval process.

  • Qualified and experienced management and staff.


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