Solar panels on the roof of Bendigo Day Surgery.

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World first installation for Bendigo Day Surgery 

Owned and operated by local Bendigo-based specialists, Bendigo Day Surgery provides a comprehensive range of day surgery medical services to the community of Bendigo and central Victoria. With Bendigo Day Surgery, there's no need for locals to travel to Melbourne for most day surgery services.

Cola Solar, now part of RACV Solar, installed a 100kW solar system for Bendigo Day Surgery.

Using SunPower P19 solar panels and Fronius inverters, this world-first project was the first installation of SunPower's P19 solar panels anywhere in the world.

Now Bendigo Day Surgery isn't just helping patients, it's doing its part for the environment too.

Key numbers*

System capacity

100kW system capacity

Carbon savings

72 tonnes of carbon offset per year

Components used

Solar panels

258 x SunPower P19 solar panels


4 x Fronius Primo inverters

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*The statistics for RACV Solar customers have been calculated based on the following assumptions: the site's prior electricity consumption and tariffs, 3D modelling software for commercial and complicated residential sites (identifying shade/structures that impact performance), local sunlight irradiance and climate data, Victorian grid electricity emissions intensity factor of 1.12 kg CO2 eq / kWh, and average home system size in Victoria.