Aerial view of Latrobe Regional Hospital, fitted with solar panels.

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Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon came to RACV Solar to help reduce their carbon footprint and reduce strain on the local grid. After seeing the system we installed at Sale Hospital, which was the largest solar system on a Victorian hospital at the time, they felt confident trusting us to take care of this critical project.

It was one of the most complex commercial sites that the RACV Solar team has worked on. The project took six months, and we worked closely with the hospital throughout the project to customise the system to suit their needs.

As a result, the hospital has significantly reduced its reliance on the grid, helping its community, the environment and their bottom line too.

“By switching to solar, we're reducing the hospital’s environmental footprint, getting greater energy efficiencies and reducing the organisation’s waste.”

- Jon Millar, Executive Director of Regional Services

Key numbers*

System capacity

1,428 kW solar system

Energy production

1.5-gigawatt-hours of electricity per year (enough energy to power 250 homes)

Annual savings

Saving $300,000 in energy costs per year

Components used

Solar panels

3,527 x Trina 405 W solar panels


49 x Fronius inverters

Monitoring system

Ubi monitoring device

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*The statistics for RACV Solar customers have been calculated based on the following assumptions: the site's prior electricity consumption and tariffs, 3D modelling software for commercial and complicated residential sites (identifying shade/structures that impact performance), local sunlight irradiance and climate data, Victorian grid electricity emissions intensity factor of 1.12 kg CO2 eq / kWh, and average home system size in Victoria.