• Embrace the power of solar

    Power your home with clean, natural energy generated from the sun. Reliable, sustainable and cost effective, there’s no better time to invest in an end-to-end solar solution. 

Save on energy bills

Using electricity generated from the sun means you rely less on energy companies. You can also get a credit for selling excess energy back to the grid.


A renewable form of energy, solar offers a clean, green, economic way of reducing your carbon footprint. 

Ready when needed

A solar battery and panel solution lets you store excess electricity for when you most need it, like at night or during a blackout. 

Solar estimator

By entering your average daily energy use and the number of panels you're considering installing, this calculator will estimate the cost of a solar system and the annual savings. 

Assumptions: Solar Feed-in-Tariff of 4.9 cents/kWh; 50% of generated solar is consumed in the home; solar production of 3.6 kWh daily per kW of solar system; CO2 emissions of 1.35 kg per kWh of electricity consumed; average retail electricity price of 27 cents/kWh. This calculator should only be used as an indicative guide. System cost estimates are based on simple installation on tin roof with standard hardware and no additional requirements.