RACV Solar Energy FAQs

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About the Product

What is RACV Solar?

RACV Solar is an end-to-end residential solar energy system and maintenance program designed for Victorian homes. The product comes in two packages, Solar Package and Solar-Battery package, both using high quality solar panels and inverters for maximum performance and reliability. The Solar-Batter package uses industry-leading storage batteries for storing energy for when you need it. Throughout the journey, RACV will manage the installation, and provide 5 years of maintenance to make sure that your system is healthy and working to its full potential.

How long will it take to install?

The initial consultation will provide you with an estimate of costs, however to complete the assessment, RACV may need to visit your property to confirm conditions, measurements and provide a final quote.

Once the final quote is accepted, we will schedule installation and should only take one to two days to complete the installation. Connection to the grid is the final step in the installation process and this can take 4 to 6 weeks. Your dedicated Solar Expert will guide you through this process from start to finish.

Please note that connection to the grid is the responsibility of your electricity retailer and distributor, and generally costs $50 - $200 but sometimes more.

What is the solar Feed-in-Tariff (FiT)?

The solar Feed-in-Tariff is a credit that you receive for excess energy you produce and send back to the grid. This helps you ensure that excess solar energy is not going to waste. The solar Feed-in-Tariff can help reduce your energy bills.

How is payment made?

Once the home assessment is completed and you have received a detailed quote, to proceed, you will be required to pay a deposit. On completion of the installation, you will be required to pay the balance of the total price. Payment is by BPAY only.

Do you offer Finance?

The initial RACV Solar product does not have a finance option. However, a finance option shall be available at a later date. 

How does a solar panel work?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity which you can use in your home or sell back to the grid. By reducing how much power you need to draw from the grid during the day, you can make big reductions in your bill. Any extra power you produce will automatically be sold back to the grid which further increases your savings.

What is the role of the solar inverter?

Solar panels generate electricity in the Direct Current (DC) form. The solar inverter converts the DC electricity to the Alternative Current (AC) form which can be used by your home.

What is the Solar app?

The solar app allows you to view your solar energy produced, home energy consumed, excess energy exported, and energy stored in your battery (if available) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is available on iOS, Android and web. It helps you track your energy usage and shows you how you are benefiting from solar and battery storage (if installed).

Is solar safe? I heard that they carry a risk of fires.

Yes, solar is safe. All electrical systems carry some form of risk and solar is no different. But like all domestic building works, RACV follows all relevant codes and uses only premium products and parts for our systems. All work is carried out by licenced technicians.

How does battery storage work?

Batteries allow you to store excess electricity generated when the sun is shining and use it at other times when you need it. Because the value of excess electricity that you sell back to the power grid (Feed-in-Tariff) is generally lower than what you are charged when you consume electricity, it is more efficient to store your own energy for later use.

How long could a battery power my home for?

Battery power can vary depending on the type of unit and the amount of power you expect to draw from it. As a guide, a typical “larger” $10K battery being sold today will hold about 50 – 75% of an average homes daily electricity usage.

What is the Reposit Box?

For customers who chose the Solar-Battery package, the Reposit Box allows you to control how your energy is stored and used. For example, it can help you sell your energy in the Energy Market when demand for electricity is high and you are paid a high price for the electricity you sell. To get the full benefit of Reposit you may be required to change your energy retailer.

Can I disconnect from the grid?

While it is possible to go completely off-grid it is often not the best solution for most homes.  In periods of cloud or rainy days, it is possible to deplete your supplies of energy and you may find that you need to re-connect to the grid to sustain power to your home.

What is the payback time for solar?

The solar payback time is the time required for your electricity bill savings to cover the cost of your solar system. The payback time is dependent on a number of factors, such as the size of your solar system, your electricity consumption, and the weather. For an estimate of the cost and benefits of a solar system, please try the Solar Estimator.

How do I accept the quote?

Making a payment of the required deposit for installation will be seen as acceptance of the quote. As always, one of our Solar Experts will be there to help along the way whenever you have a question.