RACV to rescue as child locked in car

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Taryn and family
Taryn and family

A Sunbury mother’s evening went from routine to panic in seconds after she accidentally locked her keys, mobile phone and two-year-old in the car.

“I put my daughter in the car as I normally do, I put my handbag on the passenger seat with my keys and shut the door,” says Taryn, mother of two-year-old Laila. “I then heard this ‘click’ and every door had locked.

“I just panicked. It was getting dark and I didn’t have my phone or anything to make a call.”

Taryn’s next-door neighbours weren’t home but she tried another house where she was able to call RACV. “I was just crying and I didn’t know what to do,” Taryn says.

“I remembered hearing somewhere that RACV come out as a priority when children are locked in cars so we called them.

“The RACV person said they would dispatch a car immediately. They even sent a text message with how far away the car was.

“The man who turned up was lovely, it took less than 30 seconds for him to open my car.

“Thankfully Laila was none the wiser but I couldn’t help thinking what would have happened if it was a hot day, we would have had to smash a window.

“RACV really calmed me and I was so grateful the car wasn’t damaged and that my daughter was okay.

“It is a reminder to me that this can happen to anyone, sometimes we just do things on auto-pilot and so I wanted to share my story.

“It’s just stuck in my mind to call RACV in an emergency, so because of this incident I’ll be moving my insurance back to them.”

RACV attends an average of four incidents a day where children have been locked in cars. Taryn’s story is so common that RACV started the Check Keys Check Kids campaign, which reminds parents to keep track of their keys. The campaign runs every summer.

Lanyards can be picked up free from RACV shops and can be a handy way to ensure you keep your car keys with you.

Written by Jessica Hirst
May 22, 2017