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The safety of Victoria’s country roads will be measured using the road-safety star-rating system introduced by RACV, the Victorian State Government announced this week.

RACV has been rating the safety of Victoria’s major highways since 2003 as part of the Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP), and releasing results publicly since 2006.

RACV’s manager of roads and traffic, Dave Jones, says RACV is pleased to see VicRoads adopt the world’s largest road-safety star rating system.

“It is a proven, evidence-based system, based on research from Australia, New Zealand, England and the United States, and it’s been repeatedly tested and refined by RACV on Victorian roads since 2006.

“We’ll be seeking RACV input to the VicRoads assessment to ensure it is transparent and fair, and completed in accordance with the international protocols that govern the International Road Assessment Program.”

He says RACV will also seek commitments in the 2018 Victorian State Budget and in the run-up to next year’s state election to ensure VicRoads receives ongoing funding to implement and keep its reporting of road maintenance data and road-safety star ratings up to date, and to fix the issues it identifies on Victoria’s roads.

It is not clear when the government’s star-rating system will commence.

RACV’s AusRAP road safety star ratings can be found at

Written by RACV
December 06, 2017

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