Why don’t you drive my car?

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RACV aims to keep Victorians moving with a new approach to having a car. RACV DriveMyCar is a peer-to-peer car-sharing service where owners can rent their car to drivers who want a medium to long-term hire that is cheaper than traditional rental companies. RACV is partnering with DriveMyCar, which has operated in Australia since 2010, to bring it to Victorians.

RACV mobility product manager Max Wang says a potential owner might be someone going overseas for six months and leaving their car idle, while a renter from interstate might need a car for a short-term work contract in Victoria.

“Or a renter might be someone looking to buy a new car,” says Max. “They can use RACV DriveMyCar to try out different cars and work out which one is best.”

RACV DriveMyCar offers rentals from seven to 365 days. (The average period is 36 days). Owners can earn up to $1000 a month. It is free for owners to list their cars, and renters must pass a verification process before they can book a vehicle.

“Owners want comfort knowing not just anyone is able to rent their car, and they can trust them with their asset,” says Max.

Neil Newbegin signed up his 2012 SV6 Holden Commodore to DriveMyCar last year. He said two men from Canada rented it for three weeks. “The longest time has been seven weeks. That was an international student. I had no idea where he went.”

Neil says the $25 he gets from the $40 daily rental fee is a “pretty healthy” return.

Any breakdowns are covered by RACV. Phil Turnbull, RACV’s executive general manager of motoring and mobility, says: “If anyone drives an RACV DriveMyCar car, then we will rescue them and it will not appear on anyone’s membership.”

Get $100 bonus on your first rental when you list your car by 31 October and it’s rented before 31 December. Promo code RACV100.

Written by RACV
October 09, 2017

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