2018 Victorian State Election

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Map of RACV's Transport Priorities

What RACV wants from the next Victorian Government

Reduced cost of living pressures on Victorians

RACV Members have expressed persistent concerns about the cost of living pressures they face, which is understandable given energy prices have risen significantly over the past decade.

New research commissioned by RACV has confirmed what many Victorians already know too well -  Australians are struggling to keep up with ever-increasing cost of living pressures.

Two thirds of Australians surveyed said that they’ve struggled to pay their energy bills and 80 percent of households admitted to slashing their spending to cover energy costs with electricity becoming the biggest bill.

With not much relief in sight, Victorians need the government to present practical solutions, transparency and a voice to help change the system. 

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Improved transport infrastructure and services across Victoria's 10 major regional cities

As Victoria’s population boom spreads into regional areas, it’s essential that transport systems beyond Melbourne become a focus for investment.

RACV has identified around 80 road, public transport and bicycle transport projects at a cost of $4.7 billion that are needed across Victoria’s largest 10 regional cities, comprising:

  • Ballarat
  • Greater Bendigo
  • Greater Geelong
  • Horsham
  • Latrobe
  • Mildura
  • Greater Shepparton
  • Wangaratta
  • Warrnambool
  • Wodonga

People in country areas need access to better transport between so they can have access to jobs, health, education and businesses can thrive.

Regional centres need to be connected to each other along commuter corridors as well as having first class access to Melbourne.

RACV appreciates that there has been funding increases in regional rail and road safety in recent years - but there needs to be an ongoing series of works to keep services ahead of the needs of growing populations.

Regional Victoria is expected to grow from 1.2 million people to 2.1 million by 2051, with Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo accounting for half of the population boom which means transport investment must grow to keeps pace with the expansion.

The state’s economic prosperity will depend on good transport to move commuters, tourists and freight across the regions.

RACV wants the State and Federal Governments to fund the projects we have selected to ensure better transport connections and more choices for people travelling beyond Melbourne. This will ensure regional areas remain great places to live and work.

For further information on RACV’s Regional Growing Pains project, click here

Enhanced community safety

Crime is a major concern for RACV and our members especially as Victoria’s crime victimisation rate is currently at or above the national level. 

For many years, RACV has been working to gain insights from Members to identify the locations in their local community where they feel unsafe. Using this feedback, RACV believes that there are relatively simple solutions that can be implanted by the Victorian Government to improve the security of communities.

The introduction of smart security cameras is making it easier for people to install security and monitor their homes, kids and pets, but consideration needs to be given to enhanced security infrastructure, from better lighting to a heightened CCTV presence.

Improved bicycle infrastructure and encouraging riding

RACV believes alternative modes of transport need to be a priority for the Victorian Government. Building safe and connected bicycle infrastructure can help make bike riding a safer, more viable option for more people. This can help reduce congestion, create healthier communities and reduce the environmental impact of the transport sector. RACV would like to see the Victorian Government commit to funding a bicycle infrastructure improvements on:
  1. St Kilda Rd
  2. Sydney Rd
  3. Sunshine to Watergardens
  4. Beach Rd

Find out more here.

A safer highway network across regional Victoria

Alongside RACV’s ask to see improved transport infrastructure and services across Victoria's 10 major regional cities. RACV would like the Victorian Government to consider three major projects to enhance Victoria’s highway network, making it safer for road users.
  1. Accelerate completing the duplication of the highways to Colac, Ararat and Sale to a four-star standard.
  2. Upgrade remainder of major interstate routes to a minimum three-star standard.
  3. Deliver a renewal and maintenance program for Victoria's country highways, with community involvement and greater transparency around road conditions and safety star ratings.

A connected major transport network for Melbourne

Population growth has put pressure on Melbourne’s roads and infrastructure, increasing congestion and inefficiencies on our roads. To combat the inevitable effects of population growth, RACV believes the Victorian Government should invest in:
  1. North East link construction: To complete the ring road.
  2. Better connection between Eastern Freeway and CityLink.
  3. Fast Airport Rail Link.
  4. Mass transit link to Chadstone and Monash University, Clayton.
  5. Detailed planning for Melbourne Metro 2 rail project.

Improved transport infrastructure across metropolitan Melbourne

In order for Melbourne to be a truly world class city, the Victorian Government needs to invest in strengthening efficiencies across the transport network. RACV believes the incoming Government needs to investigate:
  1. The backlog of road and rail projects needed in Melbourne’s outer suburban areas amounting to $13 billion.
  2. The Redspot issues that require fixes.
  3. The increased Smart Bus services: Including Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART) improvements and more direct and frequent buses in middle and outer metro growth areas and regional cities.
  4. Fund a package of train station and service improvements to address issues raised in RACV's OnTrack survey.
  5. Major metropolitan bus network reform.

Improved management and regulation of Victoria's transport network

RACV believes there are a handful of issues that need to be addressed to improve the management and regulation of Victoria’s transport network, including:
  1. Funding PTV to introduce public transport payments using credit cards and smartphones, or via apps.
  2. Reduce threshold for road damage payments.
  3. Mandate Regulatory Impact Statements for road and public transport passenger rule changes.
  4. Mandatory education periods for road and public transport rule changes.
  5. Create an integrated transport control centre.
  6. Implementing occupation charges for developers.
  7. Fairer tolls for cab-chassis vehicles.

The future of vehicles

RACV recognises the future benefits of automated vehicles and zero emission vehicles and encourage a holistic approach to better understand the potential benefits, which include improved safety, accessibility and the reduction of emissions. All of which, are of keen interest to Victorians.

RACV would like to see the Government make every effort to anticipate the roll-out timeframe of these technologies in order to realise the greatest benefit of vehicle automation. Identifying what is needed, and how progress is monitored will help to ensure Victoria is enabled and ready for the new technologies.


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