Why should I ride an e-bike?

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Illustration of an ebike cycling alongside a car

They have all the benefits of a pushbike, plus the ability to ride further and more easily at the flick of a switch. So why aren’t more Victorians riding e-bikes?

While e-bikes are growing in popularity, it seems that many still question their value. Our market research shows that 40 per cent of Victorians “would never consider” using an e-bike, mostly due to a perceived lack of health benefits and negative social stigma, with some describing e-bikes as “clunky” or riding them as “cheating”.

But RACV believes e-bikes are a valuable mobility option for many commuters and have the potential to address many of the barriers to riding a traditional bike, including the length of the trip, not feeling fit enough to ride, and other forms of transport being quicker than cycling.

E-bikes can also alleviate some pain points of other transport modes, such as cars and public transport. Whether you drive your car to work and sit in traffic most of the way, or catch a crowded train a short distance because you don’t feel fit enough to ride your bike, it’s worth considering whether an e-bike could make your journey more enjoyable.

Watch our animation below on why you might want to ride an electric bike, or read our article explaining what an e-bike is.

When compared to a regular bike, an e-bike:

  • Makes it easier to take off from a stopped position
  • Allows you to travel longer distances
  • Helps you get up hills
  • Gets you to your destination with less sweat than a conventional bike, so you probably won’t need to shower or change clothes when you arrive.

When compared to a car, an e-bike:

  • Gets you out of congestion and sitting in heavy traffic
  • Means you won’t need to pay for parking
  • Helps you get some exercise in while you travel.
Written by RACV
March 01, 2019

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