RACV Emergency Home saves the day even during the holidays

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RACV retail operations regional coordinator Luis Azevedo doesn’t like holidays.

The Saturday before Christmas his toilet started playing up, with water coming out of the cistern at the top.

“I was thinking that everyone’s packed up, gone on holidays and most tradies will only have skeleton staff,” he says.

But then it dawned on him – he had Emergency Home Assist.

“Within 35 to 40 minutes [of the call to Emergency Home Assist] I see Rod turn up,” he says.

Luis says the problem wasn’t initially apparent, but Rod then worked out the problem was an internal washer and replaced it.

It was all over and done within an hour or so, Luis says.

This job wasn’t out of the ordinary for Rod, who says the most satisfying part of his work is helping people when they’re in need.

“The fact you can go out and help someone and get the smile on the face at the end of the job is great,” he says.

This was not the first time Luis had used Emergency Home Assist.

Previously, he says he’d locked himself out on Easter Sunday and needed a locksmith.

Hopefully, Luis has better luck with Christmas this year.

How to cope with a blocked toilet

There’s no harm in trying some tried-and-trusted solutions before calling in the professionals. 

Try the following:

  • A drain cleaner can dissolve many obstructions in basins and pipes (usually poured in a dry drain), but is no good in a toilet (which is already wet).
  • Home remedies using salt, vinegar and bicarb of soda could work and are a great natural alternative for the environmentally-conscious but again, won’t work if the blockage is confined to the toilet.
  • If the toilet blockage is visible, you can try to remove it yourself.
  • A plunger is a great tool, too, but be prepared to get wet and perhaps a little dirty.
  • Make sure you use towels and drop sheets might to prevent mess and damage to floors as much as possible.  

If you’ve worked your way down the list of advice and suggestions and you need the heavy artillery, don’t scour the yellow pages.

With RACV’s Emergency Home Assist, we offer fast, professional and friendly help, 24/7.

There’s no callout fee, no charge for minor repairs or parts.

Your toilet emergency will be attended to by an emergency plumber, in most cases within an hour, and will either be repaired on the spot, or measures taken to prevent further damage.

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