Where to vote early in the 2016 Federal Election

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It is important that you know whether you can vote early, and where to do so.

Many voters choose to, or have to, avoid the queues at the voting centres on polling day.

In the 2013 Federal Election, nearly 700,000 people voted early (see chart).

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Who can vote early?

There are clear rules about the circumstances that determine whether you can vote early or by post. The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) explains that you vote pre-poll in person or by post if, on election day, you will:

  • be outside the electorate where you are enrolled to vote
  • be more than 8km from a polling place
  • be travelling
  • be unable to leave your workplace to vote
  • be seriously ill, infirm or due to give birth shortly (or caring for someone who is)
  • a patient in hospital and can’t vote at the hospital
  • have religious beliefs that prevent you from attending a polling place
  • be in prison serving a sentence of less than three years or otherwise detained
  • be a silent elector
  • have a reasonable fear for your safety.

The AEC also operates mobile polling centres that operate before and on Election Day. They visit places where people may have difficulty reaching a polling station. For example, they may visit nursing homes in advance of the day of the election.

Early voting commences on Tuesday 14 June 2016. If you think you meet the requirements, make sure you are across the issues that matter to you before you submit your postal vote or attend the pre-polling station.   To help you understand where the major parties stand on transport issues, read our 2016 Federal Election posts and like the Keep Australia Moving page on Facebook.

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Where to vote early

To vote by post, you can apply for a postal vote, or complete a form.  To vote in person, you need to visit a divisional office of the AEC or a pre-polling station.

(Updated 11 June 2016 – advised that retirement villages notified by AEC that they will no longer be visited by mobile pre-polling stations.)

Written by Dave Jones, Manager Roads and Traffic
May 10, 2016