Is reversing out of your own driveway illegal?

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Is reversing out your own driveway illegal? My mother says a police officer told her it was. I totally disagree. Which is it?


It is not illegal to reverse out of a driveway, however you must not drive in reverse unless you can do so safely, and you must not reverse further than is reasonable in the circumstances.

When entering a road from a driveway, or vice versa, you must give way to any vehicles already travelling on the road, as well as any pedestrians or bicycle riders on the footpath. Remember cyclists may be travelling faster than a pedestrian.

Drivers may use their horn to warn others they are reversing out of the drive, however this may be annoying for close neighbours.

The rules apply for all driveways, whether it’s your home or a commercial property such as a service station or car park.

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Written by RACV’s Emily McLean

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