Fix My Station Survey Results

Crucial upgrades for Victoria's worst train stations

Man boarding a busy metro train at a Victorian train station

Recently, we asked for feedback from people that use Dandenong, Aircraft, Ruthven and Donnybrook train stations. The 2017 On Track survey revealed these as four of the lowest-rated stations in Victoria. 

RACV's Fix My Station survey was the next step in uncovering specifics about how to improve these stations and inform how we call for infrastructure investment that can make a real difference to the way Victorians travel. Read our findings. 

Exterior shot of Dandenong railway station

The results from the 2017 On Track survey revealed Dandenong station was one of the lowest rated stations with a score of 4.54 out of 10. People told us they felt unsafe, were concerned about crowding and general lack of cleanliness. Participants were then asked questions around safety, access, infrastructure and land-use and how they would like to see these issues solved. 

  • 37% of participants

    feel safe when at the station

  • Over 60%

    want a greater Protective Services Officer (PSO) presence

  • 53% of participants

    want more platform entries and exits

The takeaways

  • Make the station safer: participants want a greater PSO presence and improved lighting in the station and surrounding areas (including car park) as well as more activity in the local area surrounding the station to address the feeling of isolation. 
  • Improve navigation: the station needs to be more user-friendly, especially for commuters with disabilities. Participants find the platform entrances and exits congested and the station itself difficult to navigate. Increased maps and signage, wider elevators, escalators or better accessibility to and from the platforms could alleviate participants’ concerns. 
  • Enhance design: participants told us they found the station dirty and unpleasant, as well as challenging to navigate. Repainting and increasing regular cleaning and maintenance would improve the overall physical appearance of the station.

Download the full PDF report on Dandenong railway station.

The old station building at Donnybrook railway station

Donnybrook gained infamy in the 2017 On Track survey as the lowest rated station in Victoria, with a score of 3.41 out of 10. Participants raised concerns around the lack of train services, insufficient station facilities such as shelter and toilets, as well as limited car parking and bus services that connect to local areas. We used this feedback to focus on access and infrastructure issues in the Fix My Station survey and what improvements people would like to see. 

  • Over 90%

    of participants arrive at the station using a car

  • 78% of participants

    want more frequent train services

  • 96% of participants

    want improvements to the existing station car park

The takeaways

  • Easier ways to get there: an overwhelming number of participants arrive at Donnybrook station using a car. Given the extent of urban growth in the Donnybrook area, basic infrastructure such as footpaths, safe bicycle paths and direct, frequent bus services are essential. Providing alternative ways for people to travel to the station may address participants' concerns around a lack of adequate car parking. 
  • Upgrade the station: participants want Donnybrook station to be upgraded to a premium metro station with more frequent services, dedicated station staff, toilets, increased shelter and the installation of security cameras.

Download the full PDF report on Donnybrook railway station.

Railway tracks at Ruthven station

Ruthven station was rated 4.06 out of 10 by participants in the 2017 On Track survey. Participants felt the station and car park had been neglected in recent years and needed access and safety improvements as well as updated facilities. Using this feedback for the Fix My Station survey, we asked participants how they wanted infrastructure and access issues addressed.


  • 95% of particpants

    want car park improvements

  • Over 50%

    want increased shelter and toilet facilities

  • 38% of participants

    would like a park in the wider Ruthven station precinct

The takeaways

  • Smaller scale improvements: participants believe some small scale improvements will address commuter gripes with the station and surrounds including concerns around theft and personal security. This includes toilet facilities, more shelter and security cameras around the station and car park.
  • Secure and easy access: There are opportunities to enhance station access for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers travelling to Ruthven. Paving and line marking the informal areas of the car park would provide clarity on the usage of the car park, while improving the pedestrian crossings would provide a safer alternative way to travel to the station. 

Download the full PDF report on Ruthven railway station.

The entrance to Aircraft railway station

Aircraft station was the worst rated station in 2015 and featured in the 10 worst stations for the 2017 On Track survey with a score of 4.20 out of 10. The survey pointed to issues around a lack of basic facilities such as toilets and inadequate seating, insufficient ways to access the station, as well as poor integration with the local area. These results were used to inform what areas of improvement we asked Fix My Station survey participants about. 

  • 97% of participants

    want improvements to the existing station car park

  • 66% of particpants

    want more shelter along the platform

  • 42% of participants

    want more direct and frequent bus services

The takeaways

  • Make it easier to get to: access issues can be fixed by formalising the car park (paving and line marking), providing secure bicycle parking and providing frequent and direct bus connections. There is a need for a holistic approach to planning investment to improve the everyday experience for people using the station.
  • Consider the wider precinct: the station can be better integrated into the surrounding area through improved pedestrian and bicycle paths between Aviation Road and the station. 
  • Better platform facilities: participants want toilet facilities, increased shelter, and the installation of security cameras.

Download the full PDF report on Aircraft railway station.

The results from RACV's Fix My Station will underpin our advocacy for investment in Victoria's rail system.

We will continue to run the On Track survey every two years to provide insight into the state of our rail system and monitor changes in Victorians' attitudes over time. The next On Track survey will be held in late 2019.