RACV Batteries

Our accredited mobile technicians will get you going usually within an hour

  • Speedy 24/7 service

    RACV's mobile technicians will usually get you going within an hour in Greater Melbourne and Geelong, either with a fix or battery replacement - any time, any day. Call 13 11 11.

  • Get your battery tested

    Don't wait until your car won't start, book a battery test today. It's free for RACV members. Call 13 11 11.

Why choose RACV to replace your battery?

  • Our mobile car battery technicians get you back on the road as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, usually within an hour
  • We have an extensive range of batteries to fit almost every vehicle. In addition to car batteries we also supply batteries for 4WDs and marine (we will come to any dock in Melbourne and Geelong)
  • A name and service you can trust and rely on

Call RACV Batteries on 13 11 11.

Other RACV mobile services

Other RACV battery services

  • 4WD batteries

    RACV offers a 4WD range which come with a two-year warranty and installation. This includes higher cold-cranking amps for greater starting power, hot-melt glue over the plates to prevent vibration damage and leading maintenance technology to eliminate acid leakage.

  • Marine batteries

    RACV's Mobile Battery Service has a range of marine batteries specifically for your boat or yacht. We can deliver to your docked boat in metropolitan Melbourne or Geelong. This service does not include battery installation. Call 13 11 11.

  • What is CCA?

    The industry-recognised standard for defining starting power is Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Higher-rated CCA batteries will last longer and perform better in all vehicles than a lower CCA-rated battery.