Cooking skills for kids

Have fun teaching your children cooking skills at home or bring them to the Club for a class with one of our chefs.

RACV City Club Chef de Cuisine Craig Dowling grew up with a mother who baked cakes and biscuits and his love of cooking stems from helping her in the kitchen – and eating the results.

Craig oversees the RACV City Club’s kids’ cooking classes and says there are many simple ways to involve children in cooking and to help them acquire this important life skill. 

Basic cooking skills can include understanding and reading a recipe, measuring and pouring, knife handling skills, and safe practice around the kitchen.

“Kids can learn basic ideas such why you need to weigh ingredients and why you need to sift flour; those sorts of principles are important to learn,” Craig says. 

Flour with a smiley face in it on a benchtop with other baking ingredients

He says supervision is essential when children are learning to handle knives and other equipment. 

“With supervision, children can safely learn skills such as how to handle a knife, how to use a mixer and how to avoid injury around boiling water.” 

Children often develop an interest in cooking from watching their parents or from popular TV shows such as MasterChef.

“You can involve children from pre-school and beyond,” says Craig. “Kids who grow up watching their parents cook usually becoming interested at an earlier age.” 

Club Members can also take advantage of the children’s cooking classes held at City Club and RACV Healesville Country Club & Resort. Not only do children love mixing, pouring and taste testing – and eating the results – they get to meet real chefs. 

“At our cooking classes at City Club, children are also excited to see and walk through a commercial kitchen. Many of them have never seen one before,” Craig says. 

He says the key to keeping children engaged is simplicity. Our chefs offer similar advice when it comes to preparing interesting and nutritious school lunches for children as well.

“Cooking is actually easy and enjoyable, but people often over complicate it. Just keep it simple.” 

The Club’s cooking classes are among our most popular children’s activities, so make sure you book early. There is an Easter Treats Workshop at Healesville Country Club on Saturday, 27 March, and three cooking classes at City Club to cater for different age groups on 12 & 14 April.

For details, visit our What’s on page.  

To book, call Club Events on (03) 9944 8888 or email

We also have recipes online for adults to try at home. There’s RACV City Club Executive Pastry Chef Josh Cochrane's pavlova for a special occasion, or rise up to the challenge of making your own puff pastry

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