Shaken or stirred? Dirty martini mocktail recipe

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Jacinta Costanzo

Posted November 18, 2022

The classic martini cocktail is famous around the world. This non-alcoholic take on the dirty martini variant is sure to become a favourite with savoury-flavour lovers.

Immortalised in popular culture, most notably via the James Bond movie series, the classic martini is one of the world’s best-known cocktails.

Believed to have emerged from New York’s bar scene in the early 1900s, the dirty martini twist on the classic martini cocktail is polarising, delivering a salty and savoury flavour profile that’s loved as much as it’s hated.

So, what makes a dirty martini, "dirty"? Simply take the traditional martini and add olive brine. Ask the bartender for “extra dirty” (or even “filthy”) for more brine to be added to your martini, ramping up the saltiness in the process.

Learn how to master a non-alcoholic dirty martini mocktail


Bourke Street Green Bar Manager, Rob Pierce, takes us through how to replicate a dirty martini at home, but this time with non-alcoholic gin.

Contrary to James Bond's preference, Pierce recommends making the dirty martini mocktail "stirred", to achieve the perfect blend of flavours.

While the alcoholic martini is traditionally garnished with olives on a stick, Pierce adds drops of local olive oil to create a unique finish that looks as good as it tastes.

Add this dirty martini mocktail to your non-alcoholic cocktail menu, ready to impress friends and family at your next gathering or celebratory occasion.

Got a sweet tooth? Get creative with a salted caramel version of the classic espresso martini instead.

Dirty martini mocktail recipe

  • 60ml Lyre's non-alcoholic gin
  • 20ml dirty olive brine
  • Ice
  • Olive oil (for garnish)


  1. Add a scoop of ice, followed by non-alcoholic gin and dirty olive brine to a mixing glass
  2. Stir down ingredients until ice cube edges start to round
  3. Double stain into a martini or Nick and Nora glass
  4. Garnish with drops of olive oil

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