New Year’s resolutions you might actually keep

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Jenna Meade

Posted December 31, 2021

Don’t make another meaningless resolution this New Year’s Eve. Set yourself up for a year of success and self-improvement. 

So many of us make them every year, and despite having the best of intentions, our New Year’s resolutions prove to be either too ambitious (running a marathon), too expensive (buying a mansion) or are just simply impossible (walking to the moon).

Don’t let yourself be part of the 80 per cent of people who regularly fail their New Year’s resolution by the second week of February. This time around, instead of aiming to go from a couch-surfer to a marathon-runner, set your sights on a more rational and realistic goal for 2022. 

Here are seven real-world and attainable self-improvement resolutions you can make without setting yourself up for disappointment.

Achievable New Year’s resolutions 

Less screen-time

Education may equal motivation when it comes to slimming your screen time. Most phones have in-built usage trackers, or you can use an app to track how much time you’re spending on your device per day.

Remember, when you’re engaging with a device, you’re disengaging from something else.

Consider taking small steps towards your goal by turning off the TV at mealtime, switching your phone to Airplane Mode after dinner, having screen-free Sundays or making your bedroom a device-free zone.

Get outside more often

Having spent what felt like an eternity locked inside during lockdown, commit your year ahead to getting out and experiencing everything beyond your screen. One study found that people who spent just two hours a week in green spaces, such as local parks or other natural environments, were substantially more likely to report good health and psychological wellbeing than those who did not.

Think of exciting new ways you could see the great outdoors. Consider exploring in a new park with the family, venturing down unfamiliar hiking trails, taking your dog to a dog-friendly beach, or simply getting out in the garden.

Move your body

Shift your perspective and shake up your exercise routine. Rather than exercising because you feel bad about your body, look at it as a way to make your body feel good.

There’s no need to continue running or cycling if you’re dreading it. Instead, commit 2022 to finding the movement you love. You may turn it down a notch and try swimming, yoga, or pilates, or welcome the rush of endorphins with a boxing class with friends.

Add incidental exercise to the list to boost your output and reach your goal of 10,000 steps a day.  


Family playing soccer in the park

Put down the phone, get outside and move this year!

Stay connected

With Zoom calls and group chats now second nature, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest. Keep up the communication next year and reap the well-being rewards. By continuing to check in, you’ll prioritise and nurture the relationships that make you feel great. Embrace the newfound freedoms of in-person catch-ups, or, if that’s not possible, schedule in a weekly video chat to stay up-to-date on your loved one’s lives. Even a quick text or email can banish loneliness and make your friends and family - and you - feel loved.

Take a break

We all love having something to look forward to. Research found that organising and anticipating a holiday can be almost as enjoyable as going on the holiday itself. The study also found that people are usually at their happiest when they have a trip planned.

With travel back on the cards, 2022 is an ideal time for your next adventure.

Explore our backyard and see parts of Australia you’ve always wanted to, return to your special place to make new memories or, where safe, venture overseas for an international escapade.

Streamline spendings

A budget is always going to be the best way to set yourself up for savings success. Once you’ve outlined how much you’re spending and how much you’re putting aside, take a little extra time to streamline some of the more everyday outgoings.

Set up auto-payments for your bills to avoid late fees, order your grocery shopping online to banish impulse buys, and sign up to your favourite brands to receive discounts and sale alerts via email.

Embrace stillness

Sometimes we need to disconnect from the world to reconnect with ourselves. By carving out our own ‘me time’, we create a pocket of inner peace that can help us recharge and be our best selves.

Whether you commit to journaling each day, joining a tai chi class, starting a meditation or breathwork practice, just enjoy some time to yourself. Though this resolution may be quite difficult for parents with young children.

Good luck!

Looking to get outside and enjoy some quality time? 
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