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Posted February 02, 2024

Follow our tips for saving money on groceries, fuel and energy, and find out how home and car maintenance can help you reduce future costs.

Saving money is top of mind for many. If you’re looking for the best ways to save money, here are some simple tips and tricks to save on everyday products and services.

Not only can you save money on fuel, you can discovers ways to maximise the efficiency of your car. Likewise, there are things you can do around the home to help you avoid costly problems in the future.

Ways to save money

Money-saving tips for car owners

Shop around for fuel

Fuel prices can vary across your local area, so it pays to know where to fill up. On the arevo app, you can use the Fuel Finder feature to save money at the bowser.

The information is regularly updated, with specific fuel pricing from retailers across Victoria.

RACV Members can also save up to 13c per litre on their weekly fuel bill with a stackable discount.

Save on car running costs

Pump up your tyres, pack less luggage, observe the speed limit and maintain a consistent speed - these are a few tips on how to save on fuel on a road trip.

Keep your vehicle running efficiently with a regular car service. It's money well spent because problems can be identified before they become serious and expensive.

Car running costs may be a reason to consider downsizing one or more vehicles.


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Home and car maintenance can help deliver savings in the long run.


Ways to reduce costs at home

Home maintenance

Home maintenance is the key to preventing costly repairs down the track. Cleaning your gutters will prevent water overflow and damage to your home. Cleaning the exterior of your home can help maintain its structural integrity. Trimming trees and bushes away from the house can prevent damage and pests. It's important to know your limits and understand what types of jobs you should always leave to a qualified tradesperson.

Practise energy-saving behaviours

As well as hidden energy hogs, heating and cooling the home are some of the biggest contributors to your electricity bill, where an extra degree on your heater's thermostat can add up to 10 per cent on your energy use.

It’s worth shopping around for the best deal for your individual household, and exploring tips on how to improve energy efficiency around your home, from upgrading your clothes dryer to the most energy-efficient lightbulbs to use.

Energy plans with no lock in contracts, or hidden fees and costs, may help you save.

Upgrade old household appliances

Old fridges, dryers, dishwashers and washing machines often use more energy than new applicances and contribute to higher energy bills. It might be more cost effective to upgrade to more energy-efficient models that could help reduce monthly energy bills.

Switch from gas to electricity

Switching from gas to electricity in your own home could be a way to save on annual energy bills. Even if you rent, there are plenty of ways to improve efficiency and reduce your energy bills. 

The Victorian government is offering a number of financial incentives to encourage households to go electric, with appliances like induction cooktops and heat pump hot water systems a way to save on energy.

Utilise technology

Smart home devices can help save you money on everything from your energy bills and water usage to your weekly grocery shop. From using smart plugs to save on energy use through to smart sprinklers and irrigation systems that save water, smart home devices can prevent wasteage and help reduce bills.


Clean your home the natural way with Chelsea Smith | RACV

Ideas for reducing your grocery bill

Be savvy at the supermarket

Weekly specials at supermarkets and grocery stores can help you save money, but remember to also check the unit pricing - that's the label below the produce, which shows the price per kilogram, per litre or per item.

Additionally, generic or home brands are usually cheaper than well-known brands. Buying in bulk can also help save you money in the long run, but only if you use all the product, otherwise you may end up with food waste.

Consider how you can save money on beef, lamb and pork by choosing the right cut, and buy vegetables when they are in season. Imported vegetables usually come with a higher price tag.

RACV Members save with discounted Woolworths gift cards.*

Try budget-friendly recipes

There's no shortage of easy packed-lunch ideas for school and work, as well as creative ways to enjoy leftovers.

Try these budget-friendly recipes to create hearty, filling meals. If you double the recipe, you'll have enough food for a family of four to eat the next day.

If you want to replace your take-away coffee with a home brew, find out how to make the best cup of coffee.

Use homemade cleaning products

Cleaning products can be expensive, and they are often unnecessary. You can save money with home remedies, like using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for a wide variety of cleaning tasks across all rooms in your home.

Not only will this keep your dishwasher and microwave clean, but you’ll also get rid of soap scum and musty smells. This old-fashioned method is one of many house cleaning tips that can save you money around the home. 

Choose reusable over disposable

In some circumstances, you can save money with refillable hand wash, shampoos, and cleaning products. In addition, single-use plastic straws, plates, and cutlery have been banned in Victoria with good reason. Consider using tea towels or cleaning cloths instead of paper towels, which not only saves on purchasing costs, but reduces waste too.


Budget friendly recipes are a delicious way to feed the family. Image: Getty


Budget friendly entertainment

Discover free attractions around Victoria

Travel and entertainment can be an expensive, particularly at peak holiday periods. Consider travelling around Victoria at off-peak times, such as short breaks midweek, to get the most out of your spend.

There are many free attractions dotted around Melbourne to discover, while GeelongBallaratMornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley offer many budget-friendly and free activities to enjoy on a day trip or long weekend.

Use your discounts, benefits and rewards

Many organisations, brand and services offer discounted rates on everyday items and experiences.

RACV Members can save on a wealth of products, services, attractions, and experiences, from discounted movie tickets to cheaper glasses, airport parking, clothing, holiday stays and more.

Find out more about RACV Member benefits that can help save you money.

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RACV Members can access discount tickets to attractions like Luna Park. Image: Getty


Creative ways to further reduce costs

Buy second-hand

Second-hand and vintage clothing have come into the spotlight in the fashion world. Recycling clothing is more environmentally friendly, and there are cost benefits to shopping at charity, seconds and recycling shops as well. 

Head to your local second-hand shop and forage around for some great bargains. Alternatively, organise a clothes swap with friends, so that your pre-loved items get a second life, and you get the thrill of something new to wear without spending any money.

Cancel unused memberships and subscriptions

We’re all guilty of having memberships and subscriptions that we don't use. A gym membership that’s $25 a week adds up to $1300 a year, which is a lot of money if you're not using the service. The same goes for apps or streaming services.

It’s worth doing an audit of all your subscriptions, which could potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.


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