Six strange things you didn’t know you could cop a fine for on public transport

Moving Well | Sue Hewitt | Posted on 20 February 2020

Riding your bike and other strange things you can get fined for on public transport.

We all know you can be fined for putting your feet on a train seat, but did you know you can cop the same fine of about $250 for riding your bike on a train?

Who’d ride a bike inside a crushed commuter carriage, you ask? Somebody must have because authorities have gone to the effort of making this a specific offence.

Myki ticket barrier

The Department of Transport lists all the usual public transport fines, from failing to have a valid ticket to smoking.

But hidden in its ‘Public Transport Infringements and Court Penalties’ document are fines that leave you scratching your head. These fines cost you $165 (up to 30 June 2020).

Not cleaning up after your pet

It’s delicately worded but failing to clean up “matter emanating” from your dog or other pet will cost you about $80. The “emanating matter” could also leak from a pet container and the fine still applies if you don’t mop it up. As well as being fined for failing to clean up emanating pet matter, you could also cop a fine for bringing your pet on public transport in the first place. The only exception being for Seeing Eye Dogs or other vision aids. 

Burning issues

If you never thought your fellow passengers might be a pyromaniac, the authorities have, and then some. They’ve covered all the bases including fines of almost $500 for lighting a fire on a train, tram or bus, throwing a “burning substance” at a public transport vehicle or premises, leaving a fire alone before it is completely extinguished, bringing a burning substance on to public transport and throwing a burning substance from such public transport premises as a train station platform.


We’ve all been there: sitting quietly trying to ignore the thumping music from a passenger with a phone or other device turned to full volume. Well, anyone “playing sound equipment” faces a fine of about $250. Pesky buskers or music lovers playing instruments like a recorder can cop the same penalty. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a fine for fellow commuters on mobiles, loudly discussing their shopping list and other nod-off personal issues.

On your bike

It makes sense that you can’t ride your bike on a train, tram or bus. But somebody must have done it in the past because authorities have a specific fine of $250 for it. Lycra lovers who take a bicycle on a bus can be fined $165 regardless of whether they ride it up the aisle or not.

Donning a uniform

Wannabe transport inspectors out there, be warned – impersonating a public transport officer can result in a $10,000 court-imposed fine. Those wanting to bribe a real officer can also land in court and face the same penalty.

Sticking your neck, or any other part, out

Pull your head, arms, legs and everything else in. “Protruding part of body or object” from a moving public transport vehicle is illegal and you risk a fine of about $500.