Guide to moving into your own home from a rental property

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Jessica Taylor Yates

Posted July 12, 2023

First time home buyer? Here’s the checklist you need for the big move into your very own house or apartment from a rental property.  

Moving from a rental to your own home is an exciting milestone in life. It comes with a sense of ownership, pride, and the freedom to style and personalise your home as you please. Sometimes though, this transition can also be overwhelming and stressful.

Packing and unpacking, changing your address on forms, moving over all your utilities, organising home and contents insurance, not to mention the costs associated with new furniture, appliances and things like owners corporation fees – there is a lot to consider.

Embrace this new chapter in your life and enjoy the freedom and joy that comes with owning your own home with these simple steps to a more seamless move. There are also professional moving services such as Arcline Move that provide a trusted range of services to help make your move as convenient as possible.

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Planning ahead helps simplify the move, ensuring you live your best life from moving day. Image: Getty. 


Tips for moving from renting to living in your own home

Start organising and inform your landlord

Before embarking on your move from a rental into your own home, it's crucial to have a plan. Create a checklist of tasks to ensure a smooth transition. Start by notifying your landlord about your intention to move and check the terms of your lease agreement.

Additionally, make a budget for the move, considering expenses such as hiring movers or a van or truck, purchasing packing supplies, and any necessary repairs or renovations that may need to be done to either your rental or new home ahead of moving day. 

Plan ahead with setting up your utilities

There’s nothing worse than a few big days of moving and unpacking, only to sit on the couch and realise your TV isn’t connected, there’s no Wi-Fi to allow you to work from home, there’s no hot water, and gas for heating and cooking hasn’t been arranged.

Organising utilities can be time consuming, expensive, and a burden during the already-stressful moving process. If you are time-poor, there are also professional moving services such as Arcline Move that provide a trusted range of services to help make your move hassle-free. 

These services can help you get up and running on day one, so there aren’t days or weeks without things like electricity, gas, broadband, water, insurance, or pay TV. Instead, you can focus your time on enjoying your new place with all the utilities from your rental already transferred over.

They can also help with organising other essentials for your new house ahead of time, such as home security and trades services, helping with getting your new property and contents safe and secure right from the start.  

Sorting and decluttering

Moving from a rental property presents an excellent opportunity to declutter your personal belongings. Take the time to sort through your items and decide what to keep, donate, or discard, helping you streamline your possessions and reduce unnecessary clutter in your new home from day one.

Think about items that you actually use, what will look stylish in your new home (and what belongs in the past), and items that can be repurposed or recycled. Here’s some great tips for cleaning out your closet for a fresh start when hanging items in your new wardrobe.

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Decluttering ahead of time means you only bring key items you want and reduces the moving burden. Image: Getty. 


Packing and labelling of your contents

Proper packing and labelling are essential to ensure a smooth unpacking process. Whether you decide to hire movers or DIY, make sure each box is carefully labelled, making it easier to find specific items when unpacking in your new home. This attention to detail saves you time in the long run and can help to minimise stress during the move.

Transportation and logistics

Decide how you will move your items. Will you be hiring a mover, utilising a professional moving service, or looking to do it yourself with the help of friends and family?

If you’re looking to move house on a budget, RACV Members save on hiring utility vehicles from SIXT, such as vans, utes, trucks and trailers.

If engaging movers, make sure you use a company that will ensure that your belongings are safely transported to your new home, with any delicate items labelled and wrapped appropriately. 

Home ownership responsibilities

While exciting, moving from a rental to your own home typically comes with added tasks and obligations. You are now responsible for maintenance, repairs, rates, owners corporation fees, and other tasks like cleaning your gutters, making sure you have the best locks for security, and replacing your smoke alarm regularly.

Familiarise yourself with these responsibilities and create a plan for ongoing maintenance to keep your new home in top condition. If there’s any safety concerns, or you would prefer to call the professionals for a job well done, you can get a quote with RACV Trades to help with any household emergencies, as well as everyday household repairs and maintenance.

Start enjoying your new home

While of course, home ownership is an ongoing responsibility, take the time to really enjoy the first weeks in your new abode. Have fun styling your bedroom for a perfect sleep, let the outside in with fabulous indoor plants, furnish your home with these budget hacks, and relax knowing everything is unpacked, all your utilities are connected, and you’re in a home that is all yours. 


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