Importance of gutter cleaning in autumn

cleaning leaves out of gutter with garden gloves

Alice Piper

Posted March 28, 2022

Waiting until the end of autumn to do something about leaves clogging up the gutters can spell danger.  Here’s why the start of autumn is the perfect time to clean your gutters. 

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or renter, there can be a long list of jobs around the home to get done at the best of times. From fire and flood protection in summer to draft protection in winter, it’s a list that can seem never ending.   

One of those important jobs to tick off around the home in autumn is gutter cleaning, as trees and shrubs shed in preparation for winter, and spring growth. As a consequence, removing sticks, leaves and other debris from your roof that can quickly build up in autumn is crucial to protecting the structural integrity of your home, and can prevent costly repairs later in the year.

While cleaning gutters is a relatively simple process, working at height on a ladder can be risky, so be cautious when cleaning out your gutters and ensure you use safety equipment such as gloves and non-slip shoes. Better yet, having a professional give your roof a thorough clean can be the difference between getting through a winter storm unscathed, or having your home severely damaged.  

Why you should clean your gutters in autumn 

Prevent gutter damage

The purpose of gutters is to help drain rainwater from your roof, but with clogged gutters from autumn foliage, water can easily overflow, and gutters can become very heavy. 

Overflowing water can cause structural damage to your gutters including rust, and heavy gutters full of foliage may begin to tilt and detach from your house, and even fall to the ground. 

Working at height on a ladder can be risky, so leave gutter cleaning to the professionals if you're not confident

Protect your roof 

When running water has nowhere to go because of clogged gutters, the water can pool in one spot. This has the potential to cause major roof damage including water seeping through roof tiles, rotting wood, and even cause the collapse of the entire roof. 

Protect the foundations of your home

Just like pooled water can damage a roof, the foundations of your home can suffer too due to blocked gutters. 

If water pools around the foundations of your house in porous materials such as concrete or wooden stumps, significant cracks can develop and the house can shift, which may require very expensive repair work.  

Reduce health risks 

Water that can’t drain properly has the potential to go stagnant, not only causing issues to the home, but potentially triggering illness for those in the home who suffer from allergies. 

Things like dampness, mould and bacteria can form in the home in a very short time due to excess moisture, and unwanted pests such as rodents, cockroaches and mosquitos are all attracted to stagnant water. 

Prevent costly repairs to your home

Roof repairs are major undertakings, and without proper gutter cleaning and care, homeowners and landlords may be up for thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs. 

Professional roof cleaners can help prevent these costs. Not only will they clean gutters, but they’ll also look for any pre-existing signs of roof damage which can be repaired before they become more extensive and expensive. 

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