How to move house on a budget

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Jessica Taylor Yates

Posted June 14, 2023

Simplify moving house with these budget-friendly hacks to get you into your new home.

Moving house can be a stressful process. As well as packing and unpacking items, signing contracts, cleaning, and getting the household organised, there’s the actual move to still consider.

As well as your home contents, you may be looking to move over household products and services – changing over your internet, gas, electricity, and other services, which can all take up a considerable amount of time and money.

A company like Arcline Move can be a true time saver for customers, and can serve as a reminder for what you need to organise when you move home, where you can choose the services you want to move, and book it all in one easy to use, convenient moving order.

To try and simplify the process of moving, here’s some tips on how to keep the move smooth, convenient, and affordable so you can start enjoying life in your new abode.  

Tips for cheaper and easier ways to move house 

Use recycled boxes for packing

Moving house doesn’t mean you should have to buy big boxes you’ll never use again. Wrap fragile items in other materials you already have, such as sheets, blankets and pillowcases.

Consider checking with your local supermarket, retail and hardware stores or online communities for free boxes and bags for moving. Not only will it cut on moving costs, but it’s also much better for the environment – and you can then pass on the favour to another person moving!

Plan your move in advance

Moving house can be stressful and a hassle, with lots of items to remember to tick off the list. Don’t make paying internet, electricity, and energy bills at two homes one of them.

To make things easier for yourself, and potentially save on the amount of time it will take to move all items and connections, make sure to book your move well in advance rather than having to call multiple companies and having the same conversation.

Arcline Move can instead organise this for you, by connecting services including your new home’s electricity, gas, internet, water, security, pay TV, and home and contents insurance* for you in a single order, so it is ready from the day you move in, with no connection or hidden booking fees from Arcline themselves.  

You can simply pick a move date and Arcline Move can help organise it for you. This will give you plenty of time to prepare, and ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of your move. 


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Don't spend hours on the phone with multiple providers. Image: Getty. 

Declutter ahead of time

Be sure to pack well ahead of moving day to avoid extra time being frazzled on the day, which can add up if you get movers who charge an hourly rate. Consider decluttering the items you no longer want or need ahead of packing day so that everything that is in the home is coming with you. And you never know – you just may be able to get a few dollars for those items you are passing on.

Also, remember to label your boxes clearly and make sure they aren’t too heavy, so your movers know where to put everything in your new home. 

DIY on moving day

If you have the ability, hiring your own vehicle to move your contents from one dwelling to another can potentially help save on moving costs. SIXT have a range of vans, utes and trucks that can hired for a day rate, with discounts for RACV Members.


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Declutter items ahead of time so you know exactly what is coming with you to your new home. Image: Supplied. 

Have a plan for issues before they arise

Are there jobs that need to be done in your old or new home ahead of time? Rather than waiting until later, when there may be a bigger problem that can cause headaches and a considerable amount of time and money, nip those home maintenance jobs in the bud.

With Arcline Move, you can easily get quotes for home jobs like getting smoke alarms installed, plumbing or electrical work, or getting a locksmith to get new keys sorted before moving day with RACV Trades.

Additionally, making sure you have adequate home insurance*, home security and emergency home assistance can potentially help save if there are bigger issues down the track. 


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