How to get trades help around the home

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RACV Staff

Posted September 05, 2022

Many people have felt the frustration of trying to find a tradie. The expanded RACV Trades service now makes it easier for Victorian households to find a trusted and local tradie to help.

RACV has expanded the services Victorians have come to know and love with the launch of RACV Trades. The new RACV service gives customers access to accredited, licensed tradies, providing quality work in an emergency and for everyday repairs and general maintenance around the home.  

Whether it’s general maintenance, a bit of home improvement such as the installation of efficient LED lighting, or a more urgent job such as blocked toilet or blocked sink, through RACV Trades you can book the right tradie, vetted by RACV, for when you need them.

RACV General Manager Home Portfolio, Darren Turner, said Members and customers would benefit from a growing RACV Trades experience.

“Tradies can be hard to pin down. There can be a lot of uncertainty from start to finish, which is not exactly ideal when you’re trying to get important jobs done around the home in a timely manner,” Mr Turner said.  

“When you call up RACV Trades, you’ll have access to quality tradies, when you need them.

“When RACV puts its name behind a service like this, it is a promise that we’ll get the job done right in the moments that really matter.

“This is a trades service that follows through from beginning to end – with a 12-month warranty on services.”

The long list of trade services available through RACV Trades include electrical, plumbing, gas services, heating and cooling, gutter cleaning, locksmithing, garage doors and smoke alarms.

RACV Trades continues to include RACV Emergency Home Assist, which gives members up to eight callouts a year for common home emergency jobs and is available 24/7.

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RACV Trades gives Victorian home owners access to quality tradies. 

Victorians turn to home improvements

Qualified electrician, Ben Guy, said that RACV Trades was providing a much-needed service for both customers and qualified tradies alike.

“What RACV Trades has been able to do is provide a lot more certainty for both the customer and the tradie,” Mr. Guy said. 

“When the customer has peace of mind with both the quality of the work and the support provided, we’re able to focus on what we do best and deliver better results.”

Tradies have been in demand across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria as homeowners turn to home improvements, renovations and DIY remodelling in the wake of the pandemic and new ways of living and working, and rising energy costs.

Popular home improvements include efficient LED lighting to reduce energy bills and heated towel rails for bathrooms, while interest grows for smart bidet-style toilets that deliver hygiene benefits.

Pet ownership has also surged across the state since the start of the pandemic, with more Victorians utilising tradies to create dog-friendly and cat-friendly homes, and even improve pet security.

RACV Trades can help get your home in order.
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