Why more households are turning to solar and battery storage

Victorian home with solar panels

David Toscano

Posted September 29, 2022

Australian households are embracing solar power and battery storage in greater numbers as energy costs rise and solar rebates make transitioning to a cleaner energy future more affordable.

Households are using renewable energy to power everything from heating and cooling to electric vehicle charging, slashing energy bills in the process as Australia leads the world in rooftop solar uptake.

According to Solar Victoria, a typical household can expect to save $890 every year on their electricity bill by harnessing the power of solar energy.

“We’re actually fast approaching 30 per cent of homes in Australia having a solar system on the roof,” says CEO and Managing Director of RACV Solar Andy McCarthy. “Homes and businesses are just getting on with it. They want cheaper, cleaner energy and they want to secure their energy future.”

Benefits of solar power

The benefits of getting solar ready for summer are numerous. Summertime sees energy expenses rise for many Australian households as hotter temperatures drive greater usage of cooling systems, such as air conditioning. Many home solar batteries also now provide blackout protection, storing excess solar power generated throughout the day and allowing access to that power at night or during summer blackouts.

“We run the numbers every day for homes and businesses, and solar as an investment just stacks up,” says McCarthy. "Solar technology has improved, prices have come down, we all know that electricity rates are going up and show no sign of going back down anytime soon, so it’s a really good time to be looking at solar and battery storage."

If you’re thinking about going solar, get a tailored quote from a Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved solar retailer like RACV Solar. Rebates are also available for eligible households, making solar power and battery storage more cost-effective.

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