2024 Kia EV5 preview: price, specs and release date

2024 Kia EV5

Andrea Matthews

Posted March 05, 2024

Kia has confirmed its smallest, and most affordable electric car to date, the Kia EV5 mid-size SUV, will go on sale in Australia later this year.

Arriving in the same medium SUV segment as the Tesla Model Y and BYD Atto 3, the Kia EV5 will join Kia’s existing electric vehicle line-up which includes the multi award-winning Kia EV6 and last year’s new arrival, the larger Kia EV9 SUV.

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The Kia EV5 takes design cues from the larger EV9. Image: Supplied.

The mid-size Kia EV5 takes its design cues from the larger Kia EV9. Image: Supplied


How much will the new Kia EV5 cost?

While pricing is yet to be confirmed for the Kia EV5, it is expected that it will go on sale from around $60,000 plus on-road costs, undercutting the top-selling Tesla Model Y, which is currently on sale for $65,400 but priced higher than the $51,011 BYD Atto 3.

A higher-specification and higher-priced Kia EV5 GT model will also be revealed closer to launch.

The Kia EV5 will benefit from more affordable lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) battery technology and will be the first Kia on sale in Australia to be sourced from China, although it will also be built in Korea for other markets.

The Kia EV5 is built on Kia’s dedicated EV platform E-GMP and features design cues from its big brother, the EV9, both on the exterior and on the home-from-home cabin feel on the interior.

When does the Kia EV5 go on sale in Australia?

While an exact release date has yet to be announced by the Korean brand, the Kia EV5 is expected to go on sale in Australia in the second half of 2024.

Kia EV range

The future Kia EV range includes the EV5, EV6 and EV9 production cars and the smaller EV3 and EV4 concepts. Image: Supplied


What is the range of the Kia EV5?

Kia’s will produce the EV5 in three variations: standard, long-range and long-range all-wheel drive. It is expected that range from the Kia EV5 will be between 530km and 720km (CLTC) depending on battery size.

The standard Kia EV5 is equipped with a 64kWh battery pack and a 160kW motor on the front axle and is expected to have a driving range of 530km between charges.

The long-range Kia EV5 is fitted with a larger 88kWh battery and the same 160kW motor, is targeting a range of 720km per charge, while the long-range AWD model includes the 88kWh battery and adds a rear-axle 70kW motor for a total power output of up to 225kW.

The dual-motor long-range AWD Kia EV5 model also offers fast-charging capability, allowing the battery to be charged from 30% to 80% capacity in just 27 minutes.

Kia EV5 will offer regenerative braking and an i-Pedal system for one-pedal driving.

The Kia EV5 will also offer vehicle to load (V2L) and vehicle to grid (V2G) capability, although there's no word on how the vehicle to grid capability, which enables surplus battery energy to be shared with the grid, may work in Australia. 

How will the Kia EV5 battery cope with weather extremes?

The Kia EV5's battery has been engineered to perform throughout the year, in extreme hot and cold weather. An advanced heat pump system, used on the Kia EV6 manages the battery’s temperature, ensuring consistent performance regardless of external conditions.

Kia EV5

The Kia EV5 will offer regenerative braking for one-pedal driving. Image: Supplied


What is the interior of the Kia EV5 like?

The Kia EV5's seats are upholstered in either recycled PET fabric or Bio-PU in place of leather. Plenty of clever solutions are included in the design such as a table and storage in the centre console armrest.

The rear of the vehicle can be transformed into a bedroom thanks to the folding second-row camping seat which folds fully flat.  A rear console refrigerator/warmer keeps food hot or cold for road trips with a temperature range of 5 to 55 degrees Celsius and a 4-litre capacity.

A multi-use luggage board, can instantly be transformed into a table for road trips and to enjoy food from the onboard food warmer

Reclining seats are designed to prevent back discomfort with an adjustable back angle. The Kia EV5 will also offer relaxation seats featuring a massage function with four modes and three levels of intensity. Kia says you will be able to receive a massage while waiting for the car to charge.

Seats will also be heated and ventilated and include a footrest. 

Kia EV5 interior (overseas vehicle)

The Kia EV5 delivers a spacious and light cabin (overseas model shown). Image: Supplied


Kia EV5 infotainment and connectivity

Kia promises the EV5 will offer a spacious, light cabin with the latest infotainment technology which it says will keep the occupants digitally connected in a safe environment.

It will use the connected car Navigation Cockpit (ccNC) infotainment system that allows for over-the-air software updates. The cabin will be headlined by a panoramic wide display, which combines two 12.3-inch screens – one for the instrument cluster and one for the infotainment system. They are joined by a 5-inch climate control display to control a three-zone climate control system for the driver, front passenger, and second-row occupants.

An optional head-up display will be available.

Kia is following the trend for minimising hard buttons in the cabin which means most of the EV5's functions will need to be controlled via the vehicle’s touchscreen or through voice command.

Digital features and services will be able to be updated over the air without the need to attend a dealership for such updates. Drivers will be able to personalise their infotainment options through the Kia Connect Store.

How safe is the Kia EV5?

The Kia EV5 is equipped with seven airbags and equipped with a range of driver assistance technology including Kia Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA2), which helps drivers maintain a safe distance, stay within their lane and change lanes.

With the Kia's smart key, the driver can use its Remote Smart Parking Assist 2 (RSPA 2) system so the EV5 can park itself without the need for driver's input, whether the driver is inside or outside the car. A smart exit function and remote forward and reverse function helps drivers navigate tight parking spaces. 

RSPA 2 controls the accelerator, brakes, and gear shifter to manoeuvre the car into its space. The system will also apply the brakes if it senses an obstruction is detected in its path and includes Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) to stop the car when reversing if it senses an oncoming vehicle.

What are the next electric vehicles from Kia?

Kia revealed two new concept vehicles alongside the medium-sized EV5. The Kia EV3 is a compact SUV, designed with Kia's 'Joy For Reason' design philosophy. The concept Kia EV3 employs plenty of storage functionality, including tables and a folding rear bench seat for storage of what it envisions will be the driver's e-scooter or bike.

The four-door Kia EV4 is a new concept in EV sedans and previews additional configurable interiors including an air conditioning control panel which can be detached from the console when not in use. The Kia EV4 concept debuts 'Mind Modes' - a feature that adjusts ambient lighting and animated ventilation patterns. 'Perform’ and 'Serenity' modes deliver a different ambience through the car's displays and functions depending on the driver's mood.

The Kia EV3 concept. Image: Supplied
The Kia EV3 Cockpit (Concept). Image: Supplied
The Kia EV4 concept. Image: Supplied
The Kia EV4 concept interior. Image: Supplied.

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