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Posted March 08, 2024

Solo travel marries the thrill of discovery with the joys of forging new connections, especially if you join a group tour.

Travelling solo is a liberating way to explore the world, with the chance to forge unique memories and go at your own pace. You have the freedom to take off at any time of year and go anywhere you want. You don’t have to argue with anyone about which countries you should visit or how you should travel.

Independent travel doesn’t mean going it alone, either. RACV Travel and Experiences can introduce you to a suite of tours and cruises especially designed for solo travellers.

“With solo travel so common, numerous travel brands offer great options, including the choice of sharing a room with another solo traveller or having a room of your own, giving you the chance to meet like-minded people and experience more of the world," RACV Travel & Experiences Head Nathan Ward says.

"If you talk with our travel experts, they will help find the best options for you, and if you're a RACV Member make sure you receive your saving when booking with RACV Travel & Experiences.” 

Solo travel options
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Solo travel options

RACV’s trusted travel partners, Journey Beyond, Grand Pacific Tours, Intrepid, Globus and Oceania Cruises, all understand how to create a balance between camaraderie and independence, making it possible to meet new people while still preserving your autonomy.

  • Journey Beyond offers a Gold Single option on its iconic rail journeys.
  • Grand Pacific Tours has Solo Traveller tours, which include a guaranteed single room.
  • Intrepid and Globus offer optional single supplements (surcharges) on their tours, if you want a room all to yourself. Otherwise, you can share a room with another solo traveller and save money.
  • Oceania Cruises offer solo staterooms, available with a single supplement surcharge. They also cater for solo travelers with welcome cocktail receptions and mixed dining tables – allowing the opportunity to meet like-minded guests on board.

Talk to RACV Travel & Experiences to find out what other special deals might be available at the time you wish to travel.

Small group tours are a safe way for solo travellers to visit places like Vietnam. Image: Adobe Stock
Oceania Cruises offers a selection of accommodation options for singles. Image: Oceania Cruises

Solo cruising

Modern cruise ships are now being designed to accommodate the influx of solo travellers. RACV Travel & Experiences can steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a cruise that's right for you. If you're nervous about travelling alone, consider premium small ship cruising with Oceania Cruises. Along with a warm welcome, you'll have opportunities to mix with fellow solo cruisers and other guests at the ship's bars, lounges, or poolside, and be part of a group table for evening dining. For foodies, there's the promise of the finest cuisine at sea, with a ratio of one chef to every 10 passengers.

When it comes to onshore excursions, Oceania Cruises offers the choice of joining one of their expert guides or exploring independently. At the end of the day, you can retreat to a roomy and comfortable solo stateroom. If you want to take your accommodation to the next level, the Concierge Level Solo Veranda Staterooms aboard Oceania Cruises' Vista offer an oversized private veranda and dedicated keycard-access to the Concierge Lounge. 

International solo travel

Globus offers comfortable, stress-free travel and their solo travel itineraries span the globe. Their tours celebrate the essence of each destination and offer a blend of guided experiences and free time. Whether you're exploring the ancient ruins of Rome, savouring the delights of a Vietnamese street market, or embarking on a European river cruise, Globus ensures you have freedom and fun.

For those with a more adventurous spirit, Intrepid has a treasure trove of opportunities. The company says that more than 50 per cent of travellers on their trips are travelling solo. Their tours take you into the heart of far-flung places, where you can share in cultural exchanges and connect with local communities. Their most popular group trips for solo travellers include Morocco and Turkey.

Australia and New Zealand solo travel

When it comes to Australia’s iconic rail journeys, Journey Beyond has purpose-built carriages for the independent traveller aboard The Ghan, The Great Southern and The Indian Pacific. Their Gold Single option offers the lavish comfort of a private cabin on a premium train. It's an invitation to traverse the breathtaking landscapes of Australia while revelling in the company of like-minded solo adventurers.

Grand Pacific Tours echoes the sentiment, with specialised tours that encompass both adventure and companionship. Taking in the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, their Solo Traveller tours include a guaranteed single room. There is also reserved seating at all restaurants, so that you can enjoy fine food, great wine and meet new people in a comfortable environment.

All of these offerings echo the idea that solo travel is not a solitary journey but a personal adventure.


Grand Pacific Tours are a great way for solo travellers to see New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes. Image: Getty
The Ghan has single sleeper cabins making the train trip ideal for solo travellers. Image: Journey Beyond Rail.

Solo travel safety tips

Before you go away, share your travel plans with trusted family or friends and stay connected with them during your travels. Use a travel checklist to help you get everything sorted beforehand. Find out how to keep your smartphone safe when travelling and what to do if you lose your passport.

Travelling in a group, even a small one, can enhance your safety and provide support in case of emergencies or unforeseen situations. There's comfort in knowing you're not entirely alone, especially in an unfamiliar place.

While solo travel within a small group offers many benefits, it's essential to choose the right tour or group that aligns with your interests and preferences. Consider the group size, the itinerary, and the level of independence you desire. Some tours may be more structured, while others may offer more free time. Ultimately, finding the right balance between solo exploration and group interaction is key to making the most of this type of travel.

Once you've decided, all you need to do is turn up and enjoy your adventure, with time to share stories, laughter, and experiences whenever it suits you.

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