Why book bespoke travel experiences and bespoke tours

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Posted March 23, 2022

Pack your bags - personalised travel itineraries are now accessible to everyone. Here's how to enjoy unique domestic and international travel experiences.

Fancy falling asleep under a blanket of stars next to Ningaloo Reef, settling into a sunset bush dinner in the Red Centre or learning to surf in Byron Bay? Pull out your bucket list - your bespoke travel experience awaits. 

Bespoke travel experiences are personalised itineraries curated just for you or your group, focusing on unique, local and hard-to-find adventures. It’s like having your own travel agent on the ground ticking every box - and making sure your journey goes smoothly along the way.

Designer Journeys delivers these experiences in 73 countries through its global network of local designers, with more than 2,000 customisable itineraries available for RACV Members to explore and enquire online with today. As an RACV trusted travel partner, we asked Designer Journeys CEO Matt McCann to talk us through the perks of the game-changing new trend in travel. 

Margaret River coastline in Western Australia

The Margaret River coastline is one of Australia's most beautiful. Image: Getty


Tailor a unique itinerary

Gone are the days of lounging at a resort for the entirety of a trip. Travellers are craving more unique experiences. “Our people get you in and show you a whole new side that you might not have thought existed, like visiting a museum at night,” Matt says. From organising a historical tour so an American family could understand their Lithuanian heritage to creating an unforgettable 50th birthday celebration in Italy for a group of 40, Designer Journeys makes these experiences meaningful. And they’re accessible to everyone. “We have our golden travellers who are a little bit older going behind the scenes and exploring culture; families who want to spend quality time together with an equal mix of adventure and relaxation, and younger travellers who want to switch off from their busy careers and have a whole amazing experience planned for them,” he says.

 Uncover your own backyard

Australians are keen to explore more - and we’re eyeing off destinations closer to home. People are hungry for experiences in their own backyard to expand their knowledge of their country. “People are returning to places in Australia they’ve been before, and we’re helping them to explore them in new and different ways,” Matt says. “We’re seeing people doing the self-drive in Western Australia from Perth down to Margaret River, staying in lodges and tackling big walks in Tasmania and doing a combination of the reef and rainforests in Far North Queensland.”

tourists visiting Uluru

Uluru is a must-do for every Australian tourist. Image: Tourism NT


Connect with culture and community

Travellers are seeking curated adventures dotted with purposeful perks. They want to get closer to the culture and connect to the places they’re visiting. Matt highlights the Red Centre and Uluru among the most in-demand destinations for Australian travellers. “People want to understand the community that live and work in that area, and be able to do more and go to the places off the standard path,” he says.

Get up close to nature

Travelling to regenerate is another big motivating factor to get out and about. We’re using travel to reconnect and revitalise, with spa holidays, yoga retreats and multi-day hikes rising in popularity. “The trend we’re seeing is people are keen to go and do something exercise-driven,” Matt says. “To do a walk, go hiking or immerse themselves in outdoor experiences.”

Parisian skyline with Eiffel Tower visible

Head to the streets of Europe with a bespoke trip tailored just for you. Image: Getty


Skip the crowds and queues

A bespoke travel experience has got your back. With your local travel agent on the ground, you’ll receive up-to-date knowledge about requirements that need to be met in each destination. “Our local designers know what’s required to get into a state, a country or an attraction,” Matt says. “They’re on the front foot, they can say, "this has changed and here’s what you need to do now.” Local travel agents can also steer travellers away from the crowds. “They’ll show you the insider’s way of getting around these places - and how to have a good time while you’re there,” he says.

Confidence to look ahead - and abroad

Many Australians are planning and booking their overseas adventures this year. Family holidays to Asia, culinary jaunts around Europe and skiing in New Zealand are all back on the cards.

“There’s a huge amount of pent-up demand to travel, with people telling us they’re desperate to have something to look forward to,” Matt says. “All of a sudden, we’ve got smiling Members who are looking ahead and feeling excited about exploring the world again.”

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