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SmartThings Wi-Fi Hub features Plume, self-optimising Wi-Fi technology, to create a secure, reliable, and fast Wi-Fi network for your whole home.

Connect compatible devices like your Smart TV, voice assistant, sensors, lights (and more) wirelessly and control them through the SmartThings app to get everything working together.


No more Wi-Fi dead zones

Eliminate poor Wi-Fi coverage areas in your home. A single SmartThings Wi-Fi Hub covers up to 140 square metres.

Goodbye to buffering

Plume learns how to use your home Wi-Fi and prioritises the devices that need it the most, taking your Wi-Fi through the fastest path.

Simple network control

Put your kids’ screen time on pause by controlling Wi-Fi access on their devices. When guests visit, customise a Wi-Fi password just for them so you can control what they access and for how long.

More secure home Wi-Fi

Plume protects your network from malware and viruses making your home Wi-Fi safer. It even automatically updates itself, so you don’t have to worry about it.



What is Z-Wave and ZigBee?

Z-Wave and ZigBee are wireless radio frequency communication protocols designed for control, monitoring, and status-reading of connected devices. In other words, Z-Wave and ZigBee are the different languages your SmartThings Hub and devices use to talk to one another.

For more detailed explanations of these protocols, visit:

What frequencies do Z-Wave and ZigBee use in Australia?

The Samsung SmartThings WiFi Hub and any other devices using Z-Wave protocol and sold via RACV use the the Australian frequency and are legally compliant:

  • Z-Wave: 921.4MHz, 919.8MHz
  • ZigBee: 2.4GHz
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Terms and conditions: Installation of SmartThings is only offered in the Melbourne metro area (premises in postcodes 3000 – 3210). The RACV Samsung SmartThings Terms and Conditions apply and are available here. Installation of the SmartThings Starter Kit does not qualify for a reduction in RACV Home Insurance premiums. RACV reserves the right to withdraw any associated offer at its own discretion. Please choose carefully as RACV does not offer a refund if you simply change your mind about purchasing a SmartThings Starter Kit.