Making sure you’ve packed smart is an important part of having the perfect trip. However, from cruise wear to travel accessories, knowing exactly what to pack for a cruise can be tricky.

We’ve learned a lot from our cruise partners, so we’ve put together a cruise packing list to help you get ready for your trip. We’ve also got a few tips on what to wear on a cruise ship.

With different types of ships and itineraries available, the things to pack for a cruise vary from trip to trip. Below is a quick list of cruise essentials we would recommend you take on any voyage.

  • Storage

    • Packed carry-on bags (holding everything needed for your first day)
    • Toiletry and clothes organisers
    • Zip-lock bags to minimise leaks
  • Travel insurance

    It’s important to have the right support during an unexpected incident on holiday. That’s why travel insurance is another cruise essential for your trip.

    RACV Travel Insurance offers a wide range of products to cater to your trip and budget. Our customer service also runs 24/7, meaning we’ll be there for you at any time.

  • Personal

    • Passport and Visa
    • Sun protection 
    • Sea-sickness and prescription medication (original packaging)
    • A doctor’s letter stating the medication you’re on
    • Ear plugs
  • Accessories

    • Camera with extra batteries and memory cards
    • Chargeable phone batteries
    • A closed coffee mug for hot drinks
    • Binoculars to see wildlife and sights

Being fully prepared for your cruise means more than packing well. Here are some extra preparation tips you should follow so that your cruise holiday doesn’t run into any nasty surprises.

  • Passport: Must be valid for 6 months after your scheduled return date
  • Visa: You are responsible for obtaining a Visa or approval to visit all ports, even if you don’t plan to step ashore.
  • Vaccination: Check with your doctor or specialist travel doctor if you require and special vaccinations or medications.
  • River cruises

    If your river cruise is hopping between several ports, you’ll want to be prepared to disembark quickly and explore each new space. These are a couple of items you should make sure are ready to go:

    • Reliable backpack
    • Passport holder
    • Comfortable walking shoes
    • Local currency (or your credit card)

    You’ll need to provide your passport and documentation at most ports. Keep them handy and secure in an easy-to-carry bag.

  • Tropical cruises

    If you’ll be sunbaking on the decks of the ship or jumping onto stunning beaches, you’ll need to pack for a tropical climate. For any trip in the sun, this is the crucial cruise packing list:

    • Sun protection 
    • Breezy daywear
    • Poncho or rain coat
    • Insect repellent

    Although you’ll be travelling in the heat, nights can get cooler on the decks and storms can bring strong winds. Taking a light jumper will prepare you for those unexpected chills.

  • Winter cruises

    Keeping warm will ensure you enjoy every moment. To get the most out of your winter wonder trip, make sure you pack the following:

    • A warm and water-resistant coat
    • Many layers of clothing
    • Smartphone-sensitive gloves
    • Comfortable, enclosed footwear

    Even in the cold seasons, it’s important to remain conscious of the sun. Ensure you take plenty of sun screen and have sunglasses handy for those glary, snow-white sights.

Working out what to wear on a cruise ship can be a challenge. But packing a dynamic range of outfits to suit different scenarios is possible. You’ll mostly need to pack cruise clothing for days on board, on-shore excursions, and formal nights.

  • Day-to-day clothes

    Get comfortable and take advantage of casual wear when you’re on board. Daily clothing items should include:

    • Light pyjamas
    • Exercise clothes
    • Bathing suits
    • T-shirts and shorts

    When it comes to deciding on footwear, choose shoes or sandals with a good grip (preferably with a rubber sole).

  • On-shore excursions/activities

    You won’t want to miss excursions and trips because you don’t have the right clothing. These are a few items you may need:

    • Hiking boots (store in a plastic bag)
    • Active wear
    • Clothes comfortable to walk in

    If you won’t be hiking and don’t need boots, still pack enclosed shoes. Some ports will need you to wear protective shoes as you pass through them.

  • Formal nights on cruises

    Many cruise liners host elegant balls and world-class performances, and with each of these comes strict clothing guidelines.

    • Formal event or performance: Tuxedo or dark suit and tie, or an evening dress.
    • Smart-casual bars or dining:  Suit jacket and tie, or a cocktail dress.

    Dress codes may include their own specificities for formal cruise wear. So check your cruise liner's individual dress codes. 

RACV Travel Insurance Tip: If you’re heading on a cruise that will stay in Australian waters or only call into ports in Australia, you’ll still require an insurance policy that includes medical cover. When you’re on board the ship, their medical providers won’t be registered with Medicare (check with the individual cruise provider).

For the right cover, you’ll need to select an Australian Cruise as your destination. That way we’ll be able to provide you with medical and evacuation cover for when you’re at sea, but not if you go to a medical provider while in port in Australia.

Please note: The Domestic policy does not include any medical cover. We’re a general insurer and are unable to cover medical costs in Australia. So when it comes to cruises, the Domestic policy isn’t suitable.

Packing for a cruise doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Just take some time to look at the finer details of your itinerary, then plan your outfits and items accordingly to create your own personal cruise packing checklist.

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