Travelling with pets

Taking your favourite pet on holiday is possible with a little planning

Stay cool
Never leave your pet alone in a locked car in hot weather. Heatstroke can happen within minutes.

Book ahead
Check your accommodation is pet-friendly before you book. Call well in advance as pet-friendly places are in demand.

Book pet boarding well ahead. Visit kennels or catteries to check your furry friend will be happy. Drop them off a day before you go.

Make sure pets are up to date with vaccinations or they won’t be accepted at a kennel or cattery. It also keeps your pets healthy on holidays.

Food and drinks
Bring favourite food and lots of water when travelling. Feed lightly before you start.

Stop every three hours for toilet and exercise breaks. Do test runs before you go.

Use a seatbelt or pet carrier in the car. Bring a lead and harness to control your pet.

If you’re flying with your pet, check on the airline’s rules. Also research the regulations at your destination if going overseas.