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Whether you're about to board the plane on a trip to Bali or Thailand, heading off on an around-the-world adventure, visiting multiple countries on a European escapade or cruising the oceans of the world, planning is the key to safe travels. And, of course, having the right travel insurance ensures you're prepared for the unexpected.

Ultimately, the more planning and research you put in before embarking on your getaway, the more likely you will be to travel safe, sit back and relax.

Get some peace of mind with travel tips, words of wisdom and great advice about currency, passports and visas, transport and travel insurance, which will get you safely on your way to the adventure of a lifetime.

Check for the latest updates on the safety at your destinations. Think carefully before visiting countries with "Do Not Travel" status, as your RACV Travel Insurance won't cover you for these destinations.

If you're planning on driving overseas, apply online for your International Driving Permit with RACV

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