Travelling to Asia? What you need to know before you go

Tips for travellers

Close up of a United States of America Visa

Entry requirements

Passports: Most countries require your passport to be valid for a minimum period of 6 months. Check before you leave to avoid being denied entry.

Visas: Many Asian countries provide free entry stamps or visas on arrival for 15-90 days. However, the rules can vary depending of your point of entry or our reason for travel. Others require you to apply online prior to arrival or even pay in local currency.


Prepare in advance by purchasing some local currency before you travel. You may be required to pay for visas, taxis or tips in local currency when you arrive.

Once you arrive, your ATM card can be used in local machines and dispense local currency. Make sure you register travel details with your bank to avoid your card being locked, and check if bank fees apply to overseas transaction or exchange.

Another option is travel cards, just check for fees as well as exchange rates when comparing your options.

Many Asian countries will offer currency exchange, so confirm not only the rate of exchange but if any charges apply. Avoid back street money exchanges, as these vendors have many tricks up their sleeve to rob discerning travellers.

What to pack

With the exception of places with higher elevation, the majority of southeast Asia is hot and humid. Opt for light-weight, quick-dry options, as even your favourite jeans will be heavy and take too long to dry after a storm.

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