Preparing to go

Follow our practical tips so you are fully prepared for your holiday

  • Home security

    Lock all doors and windows, cancel newspapers and mail, and ask friends, family or neighbours to keep an eye on your home.

  • Lock up

    Secure all doors and windows. If possible, leave a light or radio on an electric timer.

  • Cancel deliveries

    Cancel newspapers, deliveries and mail so there is no obvious sign you are away.

  • Friendly help

    Tell neighbours when you are going and returning so they can keep an eye on your home.

  • Traffic check

    If you’re driving, check traffic with the VicTraffic app before you set off.  

  • Rest stops

    Plan rest stops and take turns at the wheel if you have several drivers.

Travel Insurance

Don’t leave home without travel insurance. Save up to 15% by choosing the best policy with RACV.

Discount Tickets

Choose from our special offers and discount tickets to theme parks and top attractions. Call 13 13 29, 8am-6pm, 7 days a week.

Home Security

RACV provides home alarms and CCTV.

Check your car

Check tyres, brakes, fluid levels, battery, etc. If needs be, book your car into an RACV Accredited Auto Care Centre