RACV Marine Boat Insurance

The boat insurance to suit your needs with the service you expect from RACV

Why choose boat insurance with RACV?

  • One Simple Agreed Value

    We know valuing your boat is hard. That's why together we agree on one simple value from stem to stern for your boat insurance, so that you know exactly where you stand if there's any loss or damage incurred from an insured incident.

  • Range of discounts

    The longer you are with RACV, the more you can save on your boat insurance. No Claim Bonus, RACV’s Multi-Policy Discount and Years of Membership Benefits.

  • Moored boat? No worries

    Insuring a moored boat can be time consuming, however with RACV we require just one Out of Water Survey for the life of the policy. Typically, other insurers require a survey once a year (saving on average $749 a year).

  • One excess for two policies

    In the unfortunate event that your car and boat are both involved in an incident, provided both are comprehensively insured through RACV, you will only pay the higher excess of the two policies.

  • Easy 24/7 claims service

    With RACV Boat Insurance there are no forms to fill out, we'll work it all out for you over the phone.

    Call now to make a claim on 13 19 03
  • Choice of repairer

    We're as passionate as you are about your boat, that's why we let you choose from one of RACV's partnered repairers or your own repairer.

Do you need to complete an Out of Water Survey prior to insuring your vessel?

If your boat is moored, you may need to obtain an Out of Water Survey and Valuation report before it can be insured. First, you will need to know how old your boat is and what material it's made of. 

Find a Marine Surveyor

Do you need to obtain an Out of Water Survey and Valuation report? Here's a list of Marine Surveyors^ near you.

Out of Water Report Template

If you are required to obtain an Out of Water Survey and Valuation report, ask your Marine Surveyor to use RACV Marine's template to ensure you have covered all criteria.  

Download Template Here

^ List of local Marine Surveyors provided for convenience only. The list is not exhaustive and may be subject to change. RACV is not affiliated with the any of the listed Marine Surveyors. RACV does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any Out of Water Surveys or Valuation Reports produced by a listed Marine Surveyor.

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We have a great list of features, to ensure you get the right insurance for your boat

  • Cover from stem to stern boat insurance

    When you insure your boat through RACV, your cover includes the hull, motors, masts, spars, rigging and sails, equipment and accessories, boat tender and a trailer.

  • Range of incidents covered, including the clean up

    You are covered for accidental damage, collision or crash, theft or attempted theft, vandalism or a malicious act, fire, flood, storm, explosion and more. You're even covered up to $250,000 to remove, contain or clean-up debris or liquids released from your boat.

  • Cover for water skiing, sailboat racing, and floatation devices

    Optional liability cover for when your boat is being used to tow a waterskier or someone riding a flotation device. You also have the option to extend your cover to include racing your sailboat in certain organised events up to 50 nautical miles. 

  • Optional contents cover

    Nominate cover up to $10,000 for contents in a lockable cabin or compartment on your boat. Includes portable clothing and personal belongings, GPS, diving, fishing and waterskiing equipment stored there.

  • Baby in lifejacket touching boat steering wheel

  • Up to $5000 for emergency expenses and rescue services

    This inlcudes towing costs, emergency repairs, dealing with a submerged motor, and the costs of sinking your boat if a lawful authority tells you to do so. As well as search and rescue for anyone using your boat.

  • Optional lay-up cover

    If you only use your boat for part of the year, why pay the full premium? Nominate your lay-up period, from one to six months, and you could reduce your premium by up to 30%.

  • Hull inspection contribution

    If you need to confirm whether a covered incident has caused loss or damage, RACV will contribute up to $1,000 towards the cost for a qualified marine repairer to inspect your hull. 

  • Up to $10 million in liability cover

    For you or someone with permission to use your boat where your boat causes loss or damage to someone else’s property, or death or personal injury to someone else.

The more insurance policies you have with us, the more you could save

When you take out two or more eligible RACV insurance policies you’ll receive 10% off each*

* On existing policies, discount takes effect at next renewal. Excludes Travel, Business, Farm, Single Item and Pet Insurance products. 

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RACV Boat Insurance Product Disclosure Statements

In our PDS and Policy Booklet, we set out the full details about your cover and any limits, exclusions and conditions that may apply.

RACV Boat Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Booklet for policies with a start date on or after 19 May 2019 and renewal policies with a start date on or after 30 June 2019. 


RACV Boat Insurance Product Disclosure Statement and Policy Booklet for policies with a start date on or after 19 May 2018 and renewal policies with an end date on or before 30 June 2019.


*RACV Boat Insurance is issued by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia Pty Limited ABN 93 004 208 084 AFS Licence No. 227678. The information on this website is general advice only so before making any decisions, please consider your own circumstances and the Product Disclosure Statement.